My Favorite Top 10 Restaurants In Deep South

By | November 14, 2012

by Kristie Rodgers

Nipat Uthit 3 Rd 90110

Very popular with Hat Yai’s Chinese community, who head here for exotic delicacies such as bird’s nest soup and hu chalam (shark fin soup) which do not usually appeal to Western palates or cultural sensibilities. However, there are many other choices, including an inexpensive but delicious vegetarian fare. Open late into the night.

HAT YAI Sumatra
55/1 Ratthakan Rd 90110 Tel 0-7424-6459

This modest eatery specializes in Malaysian cuisine with a distinctly Indonesian flavor. Try typical dishes such as the mee goreng (fried yellow noodles mixed with eggs and shrimp), nasi goreng (fried rice with eggs and flavored with shrimp), and rojak (a filling spicy salad with a peanut sauce).

Narathiwat Tak Bai Rd 96000 Tel 0-7351-1559

A garden restaurant a few miles south of town, Rim Nam offers both central and southern Thai food. Seafood predominates, but there is a variety of other choices. Good food with friendly service, ideal for a fun evening with the family. It also offers free transport from a visitor’s hotelto the restaurant.

SONGKHLA Khao Noi Thai
14/22 Vichianchom Rd 90000 Tel 0-7431-1805

Only open until mid-afternoon, Khao Noi Thai is an unassuming place, very popular with locals for the curries which are of central and southern varieties. The rest of the menu includes Thai stir-fries. Very clean, the staff is efficient and serve with a smile, although their English skills are limited.

SATUN On’s – The Living Room
48 Burivanich Rd 91000

A popular place with visitors to Satun, On’s offers Western food such as fish and chips, pizzas, and sandwiches. A good place to sit and read or gather local travel information. While the Thai food is pretty good, the Night Market two blocks north of the restaurant offers even better delights.

43 Satun Thani Rd 91000 Tel 0-7471-2286

A step up in comfort from On’s, Time is air-conditioned, with an appealing decor and an efficient staff. Popular with Thai families for its cleanliness. The picture menu is extensive, covering everything from roast duck to banana blossom salad as well as some delightful desserts. A good place to experiment.

TRANG German Beer Bar
Thanon Huay Yod 92000 Tel 08-7283-0454

Despite its name, Beer Bar offers much more than beer. The German sausages and sauerkraut (finely chopped cabbage fermented in brine), although not elaborately presented, are excellent, as are the steaks and burgers.
True to its name, the bar also has a wide choice of imported beers. Good place to gather useful travel tips.

Rama VI Rd 92000

An extensive menu and reasonable prices make this a local favorite. Namui focuses on Thai and Chinese seafood, but also offers great vegetarian fare. Try the pla krapong nueng manao (steamed sea bass in lemon broth). A great place for outdoor dining in a veranda located behind the main dining room.

KRABI Ruen Mai
Maharat Rd 81000 Tel 0-7563-1797

Considered the best restaurant in Krabi town, Ruen Mai is set in a beautiful garden. The menu, which mainly offers seafood, also has a wide selection of Thai curries which are reputed for their careful and authentic preparation. Although more expensive than market food stalls, it is still cheaper than other places in Ao Nang.