My $270 A Month Hotel Room In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Smith Residence.

By | November 22, 2013

My 0 (8000 baht) A Month Hotel Room In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Smith Residence. The room itself was 7200 baht for the month. My water and power bill came t…

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20 thoughts on “My $270 A Month Hotel Room In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Smith Residence.

  1. asiatraveller0091

    love your videos man,you tell it how it is,which is great

  2. nelco69

    Thanks for sharing this Jason. I love Chiang Mai and that place looks like
    somewhere you would be happy to live, and i will certainly be checking it
    out when i come over to retire there in a few years time. Neil.

  3. Jason Whyte

    Thanks for watching my video Neil. Yes it would be a great place to live –
    great food, nice people, cheap accommodation, and many facilities that we
    are used to in the west.

  4. nelco69

    Hi Jason. Sound’s great. I am not one who likes to rough it, my idea of
    roughing it is a room without room service lol, I think where you live
    need’s to be comfortable, and that place look’s like it would fit the bill
    fine, and the price is reasonable, also a great view of the mountain’s. Can
    you do me a favour, can you find out for me how much it would cost to book
    it for a year. Thanks. Neil.

  5. Jason Whyte

    Hi Neil. I am not sure about the price for yearly rentals but you can check
    out the link to their website in the comments.

  6. ivor nappionion

    I’m having some of that at that price,thanks for the info ;] ps what road
    is it on ?

  7. Jason Whyte

    Hi Ivor, The hotel is at 37-39 Nuntharam Rd, near Chiang Mai Gate. For more
    info see website link in comments.

  8. phpeters87

    I could chill in a spot like that until I find an apt. in or around Chiang
    Mai. Thanks for the vids. BTW, did they have A/C?

  9. Jason Whyte

    Yes the room did have A/C and I used it a couple of hours each day. I was
    at the back of the building so I didn’t get as much sun which kept the room
    temperature down. The total of my power and water bill was under USD$30 for
    the month.

  10. Jason Whyte

    hi Andy, The wifi was fine – not slow, not fast. You had to purchase the
    wifi though- I think it was 400 baht($14) for the month.

  11. panamapo62

    Hello good video . In Chiang Mai room are your girlfriend ok in room ?

  12. poka513

    Thanks for this video. I’m retired, seriously thinking about moving to
    Chiang Mai area, at least for a few years.

  13. Jason Whyte

    No worries poka513. You should seriously consider it for a time – nice
    place, nice people, and plenty of western facilities.

  14. stitchergary

    Thanks for the video…just what I want to find in a couple years….

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