MRT Bangkok – a guide to travel around Bangkok using the MRT Subway

By | December 7, 2013

This video introduces you how to use the Bangkok’s Metro, MRT System. It’s produced by a team at Please visit us at http://www.Discove…


25 thoughts on “MRT Bangkok – a guide to travel around Bangkok using the MRT Subway

  1. jwmow

    why don you upload how to get around with suvarnabhumi airport rail link?

  2. DiscoveryThailand

    @jwmow We are planing to do Airport link soon. Please stay tune.

  3. Aaron Imanuel Zechariah Mogie

    wow, it’s modern and clean!!

  4. GazzaOak

    I think some stations had the upgrade….. but not all yet

  5. Veilside1000HP

    Thailand was definitely surprising modern when I went there for the first
    time, I always though it was going to be backwards like Philippines, I use
    to live in the Philippines the public trans there are pretty crap. Then I
    live in Taiwan for couple years and still live there now, the public trans
    there are pretty good, bus, MRT and high speed rail, but it is not SE Asian
    country so can’t really compare.

  6. amorn arammontiralai

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  7. Philip Manaois

    *Video guide to taking the MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) in Bangkok*


    where do we get coin to exit the station? Thanks

  9. sedanon

    Oho, a very charming and cute young lady…and it´s a very informative
    presentation too

  10. sedanon

    When u enter the station u just put the coin over a magnet panel (not so
    clear to see in the vdo) and take the coin with u. For exit u put the same
    coin in as seen in the vdo.

  11. Z.G Ong

    When can KL improve on its terrible train transport network??

  12. 13aBOC

    You didn;t really show us what to do when going through the first barrier,
    did the coin come back out again? Or did you have 2 coins?

  13. charnchon

    Even though it’s the coin, you don’t need to put it into any slot. It’s
    used for touching the sensor. I believed they make that plastic coin to
    make it light and easy to carry.

  14. mmpp871

    ชอบพี่พิธีกรจัง ทั้งสวย ทั้งเก่ง ^^

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