Moving to Thailand – Part 1: Is Living in Thailand For You? Be Careful What You Wish For

By | November 28, 2013

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21 thoughts on “Moving to Thailand – Part 1: Is Living in Thailand For You? Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Scott Mallon

    Maybe no-self control? If you haven’t been here it’s hard for you to really
    understand. There is something about Thailand that draws people here like a
    magnet. Women are just one reason, there are many. The lifestyle, the
    exotic nature of the country, the warmth of the people. But for the most
    part, there is a facade presented, and Thailand is a huge illusion. There
    is no real paradise or Utopia IMO. There is just what we want to see. Then
    the truth sets in.

  2. Scott Mallon

    My big thing about guys in Thailand is that if the woman is unable to fend
    for herself, why do they want her? Personally, I never wanted and never
    will want some gorgeous woman who needs a man to feed her and make sure
    she’s taken care of. It’s great to be able to rely on one another in times
    of need but I always wanted someone capable of taking care of themselves.
    If I die, who’s going to take care of my kids? If a woman needs a man, to
    me, she’s lazy, either mentally or physically.

  3. kennyhawk

    What was it, Yves saint laurent once said.. “Fashions fade, Style are
    forever” 😉 That quote is just as true in regards of class. But..
    Sometimes there is valid reasons for a woman to get a tattoo, like sak
    yants, and so on.. its a personal preference, just dont overdue it! Then it
    look like shit.

  4. Scott Mallon

    Definitely personal preference but…if you see a woman with the face of an
    angel and she has the mouth of a sailor, it changes your perception of her.
    I can handle a woman with one, tasteful tattoo. But more than this or some
    big, nasty tat is not for me. Nothing like seeing some hotty and you think
    she’s top-shelf and she’s got a tramp-stamp, some name on her wrist, and
    some Japanese lettering on her neck. Something about that immediately turns
    me off…Call me old-fashioned.

  5. Ekrem Ayna

    After living and studying almost four years in Thailand, I can say if you
    are coming for holiday no prob but planning to live here then you would he
    in great trouble unless you are from Cambodia. The laws are terrible.

  6. Ekrem Ayna

    There are untold stories. Tens of thoudands of personal belongigns are
    being confiscated every year and then sold to blackmarket by Thai Customs
    officers. We had a case.

  7. Scott Mallon

    Yes, I’m aware of some of the things that go on here…

  8. Ma.Victoria Glema

    i rather live to the philippines everyones speak english lol

  9. pendingo2

    For me the two most important things to learn when I came to Thailand to
    live are the Thai language and their culture especially if you have a
    relationship with a Thai woman. As every farang who has married one finds
    out they are not the docile creatures they at first appear to be as you say
    Scott. This guy who is talking about his “lifelong ambition to marry an
    Asian girl” made me laugh. Boy has he got a lot to learn!

  10. Scott Mallon

    Part 2 gets better, seriously. He’s got this picture of what an Asian woman
    is and…they’re so much different than what many people think.

  11. Scott Mallon

    If I wanted I could spend $4 for a family of four but who wants to limit
    themselves to a dollar meal all the time? I love Japan…

  12. 1manuscriptman

    Folks, this is one of the most on target “how to” vids on Thailand that I
    have seen. I’ve been to the Kingdom several times on extended stays, and
    believe me, if you are hanging out in the bars & around other Farangs you
    don’t have a clue about living in Thailand or the real Thai people and
    culture. Look before you leap. Better yet, find someone reliable & pay them
    if necessary to show you around. Mr. Mallon, if you don’t do so already,
    perhaps you could make money helping people get settled?

  13. Scott Mallon

    Thanks Manuscriptman… I help people get settle when they pay or give a
    donation, yes.

  14. Jack Stedman

    Hey Scott. I am a 21 year old brit. When i was 17 i met my father who lives
    in Thailand. I went to see him in Thailand twice. The first time i was 18,
    he said to me that i could come and live with him if i wanted. at the time
    i was very unsure. now im 21 ive moved out and maintained a full time job
    for 2 years and i feel unfulfilled with life at the moment. I am really
    considering making that move. I’m just curious if youve spoken to anyone
    before who has been in the same situation. thanks Jack

  15. Scott Mallon

    I have met and spoken with several people in a situation similar to yours.
    There are a couple of things to consider. If you’re unfulfilled at home,
    you may end up unfulfilled here. You’re young. If you move to Thailand
    permanently, what are you going to do for work? Moving here will definitely
    affect your career so this is something to consider. On the other hand,
    you’re young and can get away with living here for a few years. If you move
    back in 2-3 years, it’s no big deal. I would go for it.

  16. Jack Stedman

    Thanks i really appreciate the quick and honest response. I’ll take all
    these things on board, i haven’t really advanced in my job role in 2 years
    and i dont feel as though i will. I can easily coast through life but not
    really do anything with it. My dad does own his own business over there
    which would help. I dont really have any major commitments other than my
    apartment which runs out in april. which for me is plenty of time to make
    preparations and think it over. thanks again. subbed (Y)

  17. Josip Peremin

    hello,i wud love to go and live in thailand at least for 2-5 years,i am a
    croatian kickbox champion and i wud love to train muay thai in thailand and
    maybe eaven move there permanent.i also am very spiritual and i wud love to
    live in a buddhist temple for few months to learn the cultur and spiritual
    way.what is the CHEAPEST way to live in thailand,i dont care about material
    stuff,i just whant to train muay thai,live the spiritual live,away from all
    modern live stuff,i have around 6000 bucks now

  18. Scott Mallon

    Find a cheap apartment near the gym, eat Thai food, and live like a Thai.
    With $6000 you could probably get a ticket from Croatia to Bangkok and have
    enough left for 6 months here.

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