Melaka Cuisine & Drinks Guide: Must Try Melaka Cuisine

By | September 24, 2013

by Ruby Lim
(Melaka, Malaysia)



Melaka (Malacca) cuisine has a special place in the “tummy” of Malaysian and Singaporean. You could see the evidence in the mushrooming of food stalls, eatery places and restaurants that feed their hungry customers around Melaka. Let me introduce you to some of the sought after cuisine in Melaka.

1.Chicken Rice Ball
Chicken rice ball is one of the most sought after cuisines in Melaka, Malaysia. The chicken rice comes in the shape of I would say a small golf ball. The steamed chicken meat will be served in another plate. Normally, the tender and soft chicken meat is dipped in sesame sauce.

Satay is Malaysia version of mini barbecue. The meat (normally chicken meat and beef) are cut into small pieces and marinated with special satay spices. Later the marinated meat will be pierced using a stick called “lidi“ and grilled to perfection.

You could eat it hot from the grill or dipped it with spicy peanut sauce. It’s all up to you! The satay is served with cubed cucumber and sliced onions. The taste of satay differs from one ethnic group to another as they have individual distinctive taste and texture.

3.Satay Celup
Another version of satay found exclusively in Melaka is called Satay Celup. This is your own C.I.Y (Cook it yourself) Satay. Unlike Satay, Satay Celup offers a wide range of variety (prawns, fish meat, fish balls, vegetables, eggs, chicken meat, crab meat and the list goes on and on), all you need to do is to dip the uncooked/raw ingredients of your choice into the boiling sauce located in the center of your table.

4.Baba Nyonya Food
There’s plenty Baba Nyonya signature dishes like Pong Teh, Loh Bak, Chap Chai, Itik Tim, Acar , Sambal Udang (Shrimp Cooked with Chili), Buah Keluak and so on.

Pong Teh or pontay is very closely related to the Baba Nyonya community. It is one of the many sought after Baba Nyonya cuisine in Melaka, Malaysia. This dish is famous for its rich and unique blends unforgettable taste.

As for dessert, cendol is a must try when you are here in Melaka (Malaca). It is particularly synonym with Melaka. Thanks to the usage of thick brown syrup called Gula Melaka (A type of palm sugar). This local dessert is definitely an excellent choice to quench your thirst after a tour around Melaka.

The colour of the original Cendol (made from cendol leaves) looked like dark turquoise green. This dessert is served cold (shaved ice) in a small bowl with gula Melaka, coconut milk and boiled red beans.

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