Making Loy Krathong Floats with my Thai Teacher

By | November 20, 2013

by Khun Lauren
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Making Loy Krathong

Making Loy Krathong “flower rafts” in Chiang Mai

I had private Thai Language lessons, I wish I could remember my teacher’s name. My teacher (I’ll call her Khun Jai Dii-Miss Generous) would bring in things for me to try or learn about.

One time she brought in a rambutan, “nga” in Thai, and they’re a little scary looking when you’re not familiar with them. They look like alien eggs with strange hairlike protrusions. After coaxing I finally tried it & LOVED it!.

Another time she brought in supplies to make floats for the upcoming Loy Krathong Festival. The words Loy Krathong in Thai means “flower raft” and you make this raft and send it off down the river.

Later in the trip I was teaching some other travelers how to make them along the Mae Ping River’s edge and the locals were so fascinated by a westerner knowing how to make one.

I had a good teacher tho ;0) SOOOOOO many Thai’s stopped by to watch in awe, some sat down to help or offer suggestions. I wouldn’t have had such a fun day if it weren’t for Khun Jai Dii.

In my photo you can see the legs of some of the Thais who stopped by and one Thai woman who was helping us is sitting in the photo.

One of the the other travelers jumped up to take this photo with my camera, great fun was had by all 🙂