Makeup Shopping In Thailand (Chiang Mai)

By | November 24, 2013

Shopping for makeup, desserts and going to the movies in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our last day in Chiang Mai before heading north to Pai and Mae Hong Son.

chiang mai

20 thoughts on “Makeup Shopping In Thailand (Chiang Mai)

  1. TheNaylababy

    PLEASE go over your budget….. You will never go there again (I think,not
    for a long time if you do) so get the things you can’t in the U.S.. It’s a
    once in a lifetime makeup shopping spree and get the things you really love
    and are so fun. There is so many things that look amazing and will be so
    much cheaper if you buy it there instead of when you go back home. I would
    say WHO CARES about the budget on your trip buy what you can if it’s what
    you love.

  2. MsCutie2010

    Aww Christine Michael is so patient when he’s waiting around as you look at
    all the makeup. Mine would freak… he hates being around things like that
    lol. So glad you are taking us all along on this journey. Love these videos!

  3. Mariah Dunham

    she says she gets acne from dairy and sugar i hope it doesnt get to bad 🙁

  4. Jesska Denise

    we have tesco here in ireland and the uk. how crazy.x

  5. buffalo so cute〈3

    bacareful oishi tea can make you fat dont eat enytime. sorry i can speak a
    little english and im thailand people 🙂 have fun for travel

  6. superviewer88

    My husband does the same thing, he’d go to Starbucks while I’m shopping in
    the mall.

  7. loveformakeupp

    Haha i am going to watsons today to shop for makeup in bkk

  8. loveformakeupp

    Those donuts from mister donut are amazing

  9. DaOneBitch

    Sure you can, but do you really know if the companies that the bigger
    brands buy in from don’t test? no. you dont.

  10. nataliepost07

    Im so jelly 🙁 I wish I got to go makeup shopping in Japan

  11. Heidi Petersen

    Make out makes me think twice! Thank you 🙂

  12. Renae Boyce

    I can see why she needs makeup ……. It’s cause she is one of those
    really pretty people who love makeup That was meant to be a complement so
    don’t hate

  13. carolineauch

    majolica marjoca has amazing mascara! pretty sure they are owned by
    shisheido. and the liese japnese hair treatment should be good – but i do
    think liese is best known for their mouse hair dyes.

  14. KenOfthewest

    I noticed the prices of the packaged fruit you ate, if you can get it from
    a street cart, its far cheaper, normally 10-20 .if its in season. The
    cinemas in Thailand are amazing, I know at the one I’ve been to in Bangkok,
    you can pay for a settee for two, with popcorn and drink included, for less
    than the cost of a standard seat in an English one.

  15. eveyluvvs

    You wouldn’t be able to survive in HK, Korea, or Japan then! Too much
    cutely-packaged things lol ESP desserts and beauty products!

  16. QueenLeilani

    my friend lives in Thailand and always sends me a huge box of cute makeup
    every year from there. i recognized some of the brands that u showed. i
    agree the packaging is adorable!! sometimes i dont want to use it cuz its
    too cute

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