Maeklong Market

By | October 16, 2013

Image credit:Chrissy Olson 

Maeklong Market is a thoroughly worthwhile place to visit if you have a half day to spare whilst in Bangkok .It’s sometimes nice to escape the pace & pollution of the big cities & get out into the countryside, and this is ajourney not quite like any other!.

It’s not just the wide variety of locally grown fruits such as: Lychee, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Pomelo, Guava, Grapes, Tamarind and Coconuts so succulent & freshly picked or the vast array of vegetables, fresh meat & fish that draw people to this particular market.

The thing that sets Maeklong Market apart from EVERY other of the Daily Markets in Thailand is the fact that the Maeklong Railway ACTUALLY runs through the center of the market!, please check out the video…..most unusual.



Once you’re at the market, the only place to walk is in the centre of the rather narrow railway tracks. Small stalls line both sides, every available bit of ground is used.

You can see fruits, vegetables, clothes, and toys spread on the ground, meats are on the table, and everyone is so busy shopping and selling.

Located right in the center of the town, this market is not just right on the railway tracks, it makes way for the trains (literally), after the train has passed, the vendors and their merchandise are back on the tracks.

Without even a warning, the shopkeepers will quickly start folding down their awnings, drag trays and carts of produce in, then there comes the train, everything is restored again to “selling mode” within seconds of the train passing!.

This process happens every couple of hours during the normal market hours, but nobody gets excited or annoyed by it, afterall the market has been here for generations, the railway only since 1905.

Heres another great short video shot from the back of the train, as it slowlytravels through the market.



For a much more detailed account of the journey & great tips to help you if you decide to make the journey, please read Richard Barrow’s journey on the Maeklong Railway.

If you have any really interesting stories or Favorite Memories of places you have visited in Thailand, please just follow the link & add your story, our visitors will love to hear about new places to add to their itineries!.

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