Madrid: the Lovable City in Spain

By | June 7, 2013

by Stacey
(Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States)

Madrid is the big and Capital city in the Spain and it is the third largest city in European Union.

Madrid is the city which never sleeps. During the Spanish Golden century Madrid was one of the cultural centers. Madrid people love’s to help others; they have very friendly nature with every guest who comes in this lovable city of Madrid.

In Madrid many people belongs from every different region and lives together that mean’s the people understand each other in friendly way.

Charles III was one of the famous kings in the history and he suggests that Madrid would become a modern city in future. Today this place is engaged by“Palacio Real” which is a beautiful jewels and it’s shows that how the city looks for when it started to enlarge.

Then after words citadel called al-Mudaina was made and it is also known as al-Majrit that seems to “the source of water”, and later on in today’s modern edge it spell’s as “Madrid” the lovely city. It considered its position as industrial, economical, cultural, educational and also in technological center.

To know more about the Madrid city the Artists and the writers were also attracted towards this lovable city. The architect ‘Jaun de Herrara’ design the Plaza Mayor which was been liked by many visitors, Visitor’s usually go there to spend their holidays because they like the cultural activities like Museums, Galleries, Theaters, Music etc. the transport media also takes place in better way, one can easily afford it such as Airport, train, bus-stations etc. Bullfights and theatre performances are the Festivals which also been enjoyed by the visitors in the village named as Chinchon which is near about 50km far from the place “Madrid”. They also visit to the Museum known as ‘Sofidu’which is concerned to the modern art, and the other one named as Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum it consist one of the greatest shop of the Museum, from which one can enable to come outside from the shop till they didn’t take some small giftin their hand. One should not avoid or miss to go there it had a great success.

Park is also present in this city like the Prado museum is Jardin Botanico, a botanical garden, this garden was been found by the legendary king of the olden edge named as CharlesIII and now the garden contains approximately 30,000 variety of trees and plant life. Thus, the garden is full of greenery where the visitors can enjoy a lot. Finally, it is suggest that one should not leave the beautiful place of Madrid until they have a good bottle of Spanish wine from the shop Vinos Maria Cabello.

Come at least once to see the best and best things present in this lovable city of the Madrid.

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