Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai 2009

By | November 28, 2013

The world famous Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand this year took place between 1st & 3rd of November 2009 with the main day being the Full Moon night of Nov…

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25 thoughts on “Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai 2009

  1. veryverymakmak

    Beautiful! Well done vid with great score and all! I love Chiang Mai very,
    very, mak, mak!

  2. Andy Stevens

    beautiful, I’ve been to Thailand many times but never see the Loy Krathong
    festival .. now I have at last. thank you.

  3. John Honey

    your stuff is awe and thensome! hows about some more john honey stuff? Love

  4. Андрей Макаров

    What is track ? I need it .

  5. thebuddhasface

    As ever a great video Chip am inspired – saw it first in 1996 and I thought
    seriously that Thailand had fires for stars.

  6. wanida512010

    beutiful country, beutiful people and the music is awsome

  7. algae8

    wwooww……….aammaazziinngg tthhaaiillaanndd rreeaallllyy !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Reclamer14

    Am Chiangmai girl been in Australia for almost 25 years. I missed my home

  9. MsCheapcharlie

    Thank you for The Royal Thai family. All these Festivals we are still can
    see in Thailand is past of our traditional, culture,custom include Thai
    Kingdom. That why Thai people very lucky to have a good King in our
    country. The King and all The Royal families are support and safe our
    traditional,culture,custom from centenary to now.

  10. iampeeay01

    Wow so fascinating. Would to attend this festival in Thailand next year.
    Can you tell me what specific date will they do this on november 2012..
    Thank you.. 🙂

  11. SnappyPenguins

    So beautiful! Wish that I could be there! 😀

  12. fmo0918

    Where did the lantern release happen in this clip? I’m trying to attend
    this event but no concrete info for this year’s event =(

  13. flevobirdy

    i love thailand ! culture , food monk , tradition, people , king , nature ,
    island , pedophiles ROT IN HELL !!

  14. planuladewza

    This song call “KLONG PU JA” กลองปู่จา

  15. Chris Alegria

    So beautiful and it made me want to go now. Love Chiang Mai

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