Lotus Wallpanel Sets

By | September 21, 2013

by Patti Q


48″(4′) Square Lotus Wallpanel Set in Natural Finish


I am interested in the square shaped 48″ (4 foot) set with the wax finish.

I am surprised that it is so much more than the 36″ one. Are the patterns different for each size?

For example is the pattern shown in #228 available in the 48″ size?

Also do you know if the U.S. charges import fees for these?

Thank you for your response.

Thank you,
Patti Q

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Lotus Wallpanel Sets

Mar 31, 2010 Re: Lotus Wallpanel Sets
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Patti
Many thanks for your valued enquiry, we can confirm the following information for you:

The reasons for the considerable differences in price between the 3′ & 4′ set sizes are:

* the 4′ size takes considerably longer to handcarve than the 3′ size.

* the wood used is more difficult & expensive to source, as is each sequential size increase. 3′ lengths of wood are cheap & plentiful.

* our cost price for a 4′ set is actually over twice the price of the 3′ sets.

* the shipping cost is 2x the cost of shipping a 3′ set.

Each different size has different styles, the 2x main styles for the 4′ sets have been emailed seperately to you.

There are no import charges on this item, import charges in the US only start with items over the value of $850

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind Regards