Looking To Source Homewares In Chiang Mai

By | November 24, 2013

by Song Delong
(Orlando, Florida)

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for making yourself available online, it is great to ready your story and see how happy you are in Chiang Mai.

I was in Chiang Mai for 3 months teaching English and learning Thai a few years ago and am planning to return in a few months. I am Thai, born in Bangkok, and raised in the United States.

You seem like a really good, honest person so I hope we can work on something together. I have a friend that owns a very large ethic instruments company in the US, he sells his products to about 1200 resellers.

I am working to set up a source for the manufacture products we design and export to the US. We are looking for a small, family own craft shop we can grow the business with.

In addition, I would like to buy finished products that may be of interest to our US resellers like hand percussion instruments, chimes, gongs, wind chimes, etc.

Attached is a sample of Gong Stands similar to what we would design and have made for us. We would start with a small quantity and up production as our resellers get the product to their customers.

It is our goal to have a line of gong stands (and Thai gongs) from 6″ desk gongs to 22″ models. Maybe 8-10 models.

I will be in Thailand in November and would like to come to Chaing Mai and meet you if you think we can set up something that can work foryou.

Thanks again for you help.

Song DeLong

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Looking To Source
Homewares In Chiang Mai

Aug 24, 2010 Sourcing In Chiang Mai
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Song
Many thanks for your visit to our website & kind words, I have emailed you directly to handle your valued enquiry.

Kind Regards