Long Stay Accommodation Rental in Chiang Mai

By | August 19, 2013

by Brian Cook
(Sutton Coldfield. UK)

Having read your article in “The International Retirement Directory” I am very interested in coming to Chiang Mai for 3/4 months this winter.

Are you able to give me any idea as to how much I can expect to pay to rent an apartment/house (one or two bedrooms) and what is the availability like? And would I need to arrange this before I arrive?.

I am interested in retiring to Thailand but need to check it out before hand.

In addition to this question can you tell me what the area is like regarding Mosquitoes?, these little things just love me.

I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks.

Brian Cook

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Long Stay Accommodation
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Long Stay Accomodation In Chiang Mai
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Brian

Many thanks for your visit to our website & subsequent questions.

In terms of renting accommodation, most of the estate agents work on a minimum 6 months contract. One of the largest estate agents in Chiang Mai is Jasmine Homes run by an Englishman Steve Malone I would recommend you contact them first, have a chat with them about what you are looking for & they will I am sure be able to help you.

If you are looking specifically for 1-2 bedroomed accommodation, it’s exactly the same as in the Western countries it’s all about location!.

Many of the rental houses are located on developments just outside the main city (so you will need to think about transportation!) & are typically 3 bedroom +2-3 bathrooms for which you will pay anywhere between 17,000baht/month up to 40,000baht/month based upon the facilities & location of the development (as at todays exchange rate that is roughly £360/month up to £850/month.

If you want to live more centrally in the city, there are lots of condominiums with 1-2 bedrooms this will work out fine they typically start at 10,000baht/month upwards.

Personally I would recommend you do notorganise you rental accommodation before you arrive…..just book a hotel for your first few nights here, then spend time looking around to find the right place for your own needs……that is what I did & within a day found the perfect place!.

In terms of those lovely little Mozzies, yes they are everywhere in Thailand, you mainly need to be on your guard an hour before sunrise & sunset, most modern condos & homes have Mozzy nets on doors & windows & they work a treat.

If you are thinking of staying during the winter (November-February) the Mozzies are far less active during this time, as there is not much rain & humidity is much lower..

I hope this information will help you, just catch up with me again if you have additional questions….I am always happy to try & help.