Local Food Costs In Chiang Mai

By | August 28, 2013

by Mike Curtis

Hi Kevin

I have been to Koh Samui one time. I am a big time foodie/cook and just love seafood!.

Please could you tell me what approximately some of the local fish sell for by the lb or kilo at theĀ local daily markets?.

How about mango’s in season. Are mango’s grown year round over there?.

By the way….love your site!

Cheers Mike

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Local Food Costs In Chiang Mai

Chiang MaiĀ Local Markets
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Hi Mike

Many thanks for the visit & kind words, to answer your questions:

Local Fish:
Tab Tim = 60thb/kilo
Catfish = 35thb/kilo
Par Nil = 40thb/kilo
Gung(prawns) = 120thb/kilo
Shells = 50thb/kilo
Tuna = 60thb/kilo

green – bitter available all year round 40thb/kilo
yellow – sweet available most of year, main season March-May = 70thb/kilo.

Kind Regards