Living In Thailand For A Year

By | June 30, 2013

by Andrew Bartley
(Oxford, UK)

A typical rural scene in Thailand........working in the rice fields!

A typical rural scene in Thailand……..working in the rice fields!


Just read your article on “The Best Ways of Accessing Cash in Thailand” – A very good read – thank you.

However, I am still a bit unsure. The debit card option sounds expensive. As we are there for a year I imagine we will spend in the region of £10,000. That means by your calculations spending £700 on bank fees.

Is there another way (other than hiding £10k under the mattress)?

My wife will be working but is being paid in £’s to an English bank account – does this make a difference? Is there an advantage of opening a Thai bank account? I believe it is not that easy.

Thanks Andrew

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Living In Thailand For A Year

Living in Thailand For a Year
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Andrew

Many thanks for your visit to our website & subsequent questions:

Ok, firstly in terms of a Thai bank account withATM card this is not difficult but please read this article all about opening a bank account in Thailand it will greatly help you understand the process.


What I personally did was to open a GBP holding account in a Thai bank, what that means is that you can transfer GBP into the account (your wife could also be paid into the account), the money sits there without earning any interest, but you can then convert it to Thai Baht when (and if!) the exchange ratesare ever again favorable.

The beauty of this account is the fact that you can transfer something like £25k/day into it the charges typically for that transaction would be approx £40 from UK bank & approx £15 charges with Thai bank.

My GBP account is with Kasikorn Bank(KB),who were really helpful, you just need to find the main branch in whichever area you are going to live, as the smaller branches might even deny this type of account exists!.

DO NOT under any circumstances use your UKcredit or debit cards at ATM’s in Thailand, if you have read my article about “exchanging money in Thailand” it is the same as “legalised mugging” & should be avoided at all costs!!.

If you open a GBP account & a Thai bank account you can manage your money perfectly, and MUCH cheaper than back home, the only thing you need to be mindful of is that getting money OUT of Thailand is far more complicated than getting it IN!.

If you manage to get your wifes salary paid directly into a GBP account here, just make sure you “run it down” before you leave at the end of the year, a Thai bank account is easy, just withdraw & close & you can exchange the Thai Baht, but for the GBP account the banks do not hold GBP & even if they did you would likely lose your shirt on the likely exchange rate!!.

Good luck with your adventure, I have lived here now for 5 years & would not want to live anywhere else.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me again, I am always happy to try & help

Kind Regards


I need help on moving to Thailand
by: Neda

I wonder if you would help me on some questions. I eager to live in Thailand and I need to know in what ways it is possible for me? I am a 30 years old female, MA of political science, IELTS 6.5 , experience in Research, also teaching English, History and painting to children. I like to live there with my mother 49 years old and sister 26(Swimming coach, referee and life guard) and we are able to buy a condo around 1200000 Baht. I like to know is there any possibility for us to move there, work and live. We like Pattaya and we are going to visit there next month and will stay almost one to 2 months. I will be glad to hear from you soon.
Thanks you so much in advance
Neda Aria(m)