Living In Thailand – Advice Required

By | October 24, 2013

by Stephen

The magnificent Wat Doi Suthep Temple, Chiang Mai

The magnificent Wat Doi Suthep Temple, Chiang Mai

Hi Kevin,
I’m living in USA. I worked as an international flight attendant (purser) for 27 years then got into real estate just before the crash enjoying a good start and an even more precipitous descent!.

I’m about to lose my home go into bankruptcy with a net $550 pension (after deductions and child support). I’m telling you all this because my intuition……I’m wondering if I can ‘retire’ in Chiang Mai or anywhere in Thialand on the paltry $550/mo?.

I have about $25k to start a business but it would have to be soon before filing bankruptcy.

My daughter is 12 living with her mom. I’m a young 58 but have sunk into depression. I remember my 8 month South American back pack trip…..that was when I relized that living in USA was stressful.

It occured to me then that if things ever got to stressful in the future…..that returning to ‘underdeveloped’ countries would be the perfect remedy.

Now years later, that time has come. Any suggestions/information you can provide shall be helpful. If you have any ideas/suggestions aboutincome opportunities that your willing to share or perhaps work together on…..please let me know.

Fortunately, I have free flight travel benefits for life……perhaps there’s an opportunity there…? I read an internet article that said Chiang Mai has serious air pollution….is that true?

You probably never received an email like this but I was a vibrant, adventurous, athletic male that now battles to find the light of hope and inspiration.

It’s funny, when traveling through Colombia, Bolivia, Peru in particular I remember thinking how great it would be to somehow market the Indian crafts to the outside world….Ebay didn’t exist.

Hope to hear from you,


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Living In Thailand – Advice Required

Living In Thailand – Advice Required
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Stephen
Ok…..a set of slightly different types of questions than I am used to….but variety is the spice of life!.

Living In Thailand

It is possible to live in Thailand for just $550/month, there is actually a website based in Chiang Mai called Retire On $550 A Month
so it can be done….but personally I would not want to leave a Western country & retire to another country & have a lower standard of living, which to live on that sum per month would mean…..that’s not what working towards retirement is all about!.

The further you went inland in Thailand, the more affordable the $550/month becomes, so if you settled in rural Isan(north east Thailand) for example,you could quite comfortably live on your pension….so it can be done, with a little sacrifice!.

In terms of the $25k, realistically you couldstart a business in Thailand with that money, but the restrictions on company ownership & costs of setting a company up to provide you with a work permit just would not stack up & you would likely run into cash-flow problems pretty quickly.

The $25k you would actually need to maintain in a bank account, inorder to meet the Thai retirement visa regulations….and then live from day to day on the $550/month.

If you really wanted to retire to Chiang Mai, and personally I cannot recommend it highly enough, it’s a great city to live in, modern communications, very friendly & laidback locals & wonderful year-round weather, then please read through the article I wrote a short while ago covering all the major expenses.

If you have a “free travel pass” then being based in Thailand could be a wonderful place to start exploring the whole of Asia & beyond……you could also build a website as I did, to help provide a little pocket-money & to keep you mentally challenged!.

I hope I have been able to answer your questions in reasonable detail, if you have additional questions…feel free to contact us again…..but leave your email address so that we can contact you directly!.