Live the life of luxury — for less — in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | December 3, 2013

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chiang mai

25 thoughts on “Live the life of luxury — for less — in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. geoff carter

    Hi Dave, that looks like a great place, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Breycor

    I mentioned the cost in my comments below the vid.

  3. yogamantra

    what a beautiful spa, look forward to going there. thanks for a terrific
    little video cheers mate

  4. dnyler0n

    Terrific spa. I’ll give it a try. probably once a year.

  5. Roger Lucarelli

    Thank you for showing it. do not pay attention to the naysayers.

  6. Breycor

    It’s located on 88/4 Sridonchai Road, near Changklan road.

  7. Neo Zion

    Beautiful spa, Great deal on the scooter. My visit to Bangkok and Pattaya
    in May 2011 was incredible. I will most likely consider retirement in
    Thailand and Cambodia and Vietnam and Costa Rica. Just kinda become a
    retirement Gypsy 🙂 Thanks for the Video

  8. Ole Fella

    I will be coming up there soon, my friend.

  9. Robert Worcester

    Be in Chiang Main in November for ye ping and loy krathong. Might check
    this out. None.

  10. Graham Wood

    Things are not as cheep as people make out in Thailand for a start most men
    hook up with a lady and strate away your money is harder


    spoken like an intellectual giant After living here for years I can suggest
    its the tourists who get drunk and look for women are the ones who give the
    rest of us a bad name… and they don’t tend to frequent spas dipshit

  12. kris Lasky

    Thank you for sharing this. Its a shame there are so many negative and
    nasty people making comments when all you are doing is trying to share
    something nice. Thanks again

  13. roguemale57

    Thanks for sharing this with us. At 4.26sec,you said ‘sa wat dee ka’ to the
    lovely female attendant-thai language is sex related- eg, men should say
    ‘krap’ at the end of a sentence and women should say ‘ka’. So, what you
    should’ve said is ‘sa wat dee krap’ No matter though, the spa looked
    amazing. All throughout my research,everyone says the same thing ‘chang mai
    is so cheap!’

  14. Eddie

    He said Sa wa dee kup.. Many Thai men say Kup instead of Krup.. and not

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