Link Building Tips

By | July 8, 2013

Link Building Tips

“Link building is the ongoing process of creating link popularity that gets you noticed by the search engines!”

Easy statement to say, but what does it mean?, in it’s most simplistic form “link popularity” refers to the number & quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site.

These links come from other sites that share the same focus or niche as your site & consider your site important enough to link to. So, in the search engine’s view, your site is considered as an authority within your focus group.

The other important aspect to consider in link building is that when & if you are able to get more authoritative sites to link to you, you also gain additional visibility for your Web site with the search engines.

“If there were just two things in SEO that if you got them 100% right would override the importance of everything else, it would be link building & content, get them right & nothing else matters!”

I spend virtually all my time split between writing New Content & working out new ways to achieve Quality Links ,you really do need that much focus on it if you really want to win with the search engines.

Link Building Tips

“High Value-Deep-Linking or Keyword Linking”

The most valuable form of incoming link for search engine recognition is called “High Value-Deep Linking” or some people call it “keyworded linking”, this is a link that uses your chosen keyword in the anchor text, the anchor text being the part of any link that is visible & clickable.

If you check out ANY page on our website, near the footer of each page you will see a block containing links to several of the social media networks, just underneath this block are the words
“Enjoying this page?…. PLEASE PASS IT ON” if you click this text, it automatically provides you with the HTML code for a deep link for that page that when added to your blog, website or forum creates a one-way deep-link that Google (and particularly me!)JUST LOVE.

If you look over various pages of our website, you will see a multitude of differently formatted buttons, all designed for one thing only TO prompt the reader to either set up an RS feed, add them to our blog, get them to add a link or add our site as a bookmark – EVERYONE COUNTS AS A LINK BACK TO YOUR SITE!.

I would therefore strongly recommend that you look into “creative” ways of adding as many “call to action” buttons throughout your sites as you can, this really is “hidden treasure” just waiting to be discovered if you can do it right.

Link Building Tips

“Standard External Linking”

Typically the standard external weblinks exchanged between sites incorporates the anchor tag including site main keywords & description, see example below for our standard weblink exchange:

Visit Chiang Mai, Thailand
Real life experiences of how to get the very best from your visit to Chiang Mai & surrounding areas, linked to Chiang Mai Arts & Crafts our online shop.

When you commence your linkbuilding programme, the main things to remember are:

* rather than just merely calling it “Links” or “Links Page”, be creative, we call our links section “Share Our Site” ,it’s friendlier to both the human visitor & less directory looking to the search engines.

* avoid adding any exchange links to your homepage, this page typically ranks highest on your site, & is therefore your “crown jewels”.

* make sure ALL exchanged links are within two-clicks of your homepage – beyond that they are worthless, and will never be seen.

* links are the life-blood of any site, the more you have the more “visible” your site will become.

* avoid linking to sites that are outside your niche, they hold no value, and infact may devalue your site.

* actively promote linking with “in-niche” sites in your world region, add them into a prominent position, with other “in-niche” sites from other regions beneath or behind them on subsequent pages.

Tip: we use three different web-exchange directories for the majority of our standard exchanges Value-Exchange (Sitesell), LinkMarket and Link2Me all three of them have large directories for most niches, you just need to select the potential exchanges that you think will add the most value.

Tip: – personally I now try and select exchange sites that have a minimum Page Rank(PR)2, which hopefully ensures that we are exchanging with good quality sites, that have achieved recognition for their own areas of expertise.

Tip: – make sure you have your link pages set up BEFORE you start your linkbuilding programme, the web exchange directories do not like links being moved around at all, & will report them back to your link exchange partner as a “broken link”, which is then removed.

Tip: – when you find a company you want to exchange with, add their link to your site BEFORE you contact them, then when you contact them show them where you have placed the link & tell them that “irrespective of whether they agree to link back to you, you will maintain their link on your site, as it offers good value to your readers!” well over 50% of companies WILL exchange based upon this approach alone.