Life in Chiang Mai Thailand (8 miles from home Episode 3)

By | December 8, 2013

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20 thoughts on “Life in Chiang Mai Thailand (8 miles from home Episode 3)

  1. omeooverdrivev8

    Much better, informative, fun and slick. Look forward to more Eden bath
    time 🙂

  2. omeooverdrivev8

    Much better, slick informative and fun. This will work. Looking forward to
    more Eden bath time!

  3. Eight Miles from Home

    thanks, feedback always helps

  4. AdamUPNow

    Nice production value. What happen in the few bad audio sections.

  5. Eight Miles from Home

    it was a very noisy neighbourhood. Had to do a lot of background cleaning
    and switch between camera audio and external recordings. Just not ideal
    conditions really. did the best we could.

  6. munidino

    May I ask what cameras you’re using?? It’s really good filming..Also it’s
    best to sign up for a language course asap. I’ve studied Thai off and on
    for years (occasional visitor) and only recently realized that it’s best to
    start with the script. It’s much easier now. Thailand without Pasar Thai is
    limited. You can learn fast.

  7. ladislav gaspar

    hey guys) I really like your videos, there are of course troubles, but
    somehow the overvoice and you two fit into my cinematic experience… there
    is just one thing, which disturbs me a little – the music you use in your
    vids – why so serious??? of course – you want to make drama where it is
    not, but is it really worth it to make a drama in that case? does it
    increase the views? keep doing a great stuff! hope to see you sometimes
    when I come to Chiang Mai, or you are welcome in Bangkok…)

  8. Eight Miles from Home

    we are amatuer film makers with zero budget so royalty free music is hard
    to come by. as time goes on and maybe we are earning more cash we can sink
    more money into the productions to make it a better experience for all.
    glad you like

  9. Eight Miles from Home

    Language is definitely an issue for us but we are doing our best. started
    learning the Thai characters yesterday. It does help a little so far so
    we’ll keep it up. We use Canon SLR cameras to film. We are professional
    photographers so we just use the same kit to make the movies as well.

  10. munidino

    There are lot’s of free lessons on YT. eg, Learn Thai with Mod Basic but
    good to start with. She’s funny and pretty I might add. JC of Retirecheapjc
    has lots of info about moving to Thailand esp CM. I think your videos will
    become The classic YT resource on Thailand. Many thanks and all the best.

  11. Eight Miles from Home

    just found it through a letting agent called chiang mai house, its a little
    further out of town so maybe thats why its cheaper.

  12. Tom O'Connell

    Very nice vids. Would you consider Thai country music in the background
    sometimes? Again, love your videos.

  13. timcthefilmguy

    The owner of Good Morning Chiang Mai is my next door neighbor! It’s almost
    a year on now since this video. How is the language learning coming on?

  14. Eight Miles from Home

    Average at best to be honest. I can just about communicate with my mechanic
    in the most basic conversation. We have so much video and photos to edit we
    never seem to spend enough time concentrating on learning Thai as well.

  15. peter doof

    ถึงผมจะฟังไม่รู้เรื่องน้ะแต่ผม แต่ผมชอบน้ะมันดู เห็นมุมที่พวกคุณอยู่ใน ไทย.

  16. Winterstick549

    You, J.C from retire cheap make such nice videos, although your filming is
    superb. Im glad you dont make Thailand look like a giant drunken brothel
    like many other YouTube videos. Are you familiar with a cafe in Chiang Mai
    called The Bake and Bite?

  17. Juana Perez

    great video,thanks for sharing. Thai people are the best!

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