Learn Thai : How to get around in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | November 22, 2013

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10 thoughts on “Learn Thai : How to get around in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Mia the Thai teacher

    Thai Girl Talk VDO podcast episode22 is ready!!!

    “How to get around in Chiang Mai, Thailand?”

    Lani will show you “what not to do in order to pull over the a red taxi”

    Great performance as always, enjoy!!

    Don’t for get to “like” and “share”….it will make us very happy..

  2. learn2speakthai

    Lani is half Thai/Chineses, she was born in the USA and she just move to
    Thailand 2 years ago. Thai people often think she is Thai 🙂

  3. learn2speakthai

    Learn how to get a red taxi in Chiang Mai is very important as we dont have
    a taxi service like in Bangkok.In order to get around without your own
    transportation, red taxi is the most convenience.


    It’s not difficult. You first must be interested in learning, then
    Importantly must have the patience and must not be in a rush because you
    will crash. The Thai Language ability will eventually come to you. Another
    thing you must have is the determination to succeed and staying power.
    Importantly you must learn the basics very well & step by step before you
    move on to the next level. You must practice & practice & believe me it
    will become easier. You will feel it & it will give you a buzz

  5. learn2speakthai

    รถแดง/rót deang/red taxi is one of the most convenience transportations in
    Chiang Mai


    Thanks, I will definitely be taking a ride in one

  7. Joyce Chen

    Thank you Teacher Mia for ur thai lesson, my daddy be going chiang mai on
    december for riding big bike round mae hon song. I let him know ur lesson,ty

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