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Language Testing in Asia Volume two, Issue four October 2012 86 | Page An Investigation of the Writing Test Used at the Institute English language teaching in Thailand and Myanmar (pp. 115-119). Bangkok, Thailand: Shinawatra International University Press.

of Thailand. Language quotients, percentiles and Conbrach’s Alpha coefficients were calculated for use as a reference for Thai language development norms. Results: Speech and language norms for children age 2½-4 years were presented.

INFLUENCES OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON THE USE OF THAI LANGUAGE Pacapol Jakrapan Anurit Shinawatra University, Thailand Wittaya Pornpatcharapong Shinawatra University, Thailand Supaporn Chongpakdeepong Shinawatra University, Thailand Kanit Sataman

Thai Language, Culture and Professional Ethics MODULES The courses r and colleagues. PHRANAKHON RAJABHAT UNIVERSITY RATIONALE Thailand, will organize trainings of foreign teachers in Thai Language, Culture and

The International Conference on “National Language Policy: Language Diversity for National Unity” 4-5 July 2008 Bangkok Thailand Opening Remarks by UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office

Location: Southeastern Asia, northeast of Thailand, west of Vietnam Capital: Vientiane Surface area: 237 thousand sq km Official language: Lao Population: 6.5 million (July 2007 est.) Buddhist 60%, animist and other 40% (including various Christian denominations 1.5%)

Official language of: Thailand. Thai is the official language of Thailand; it is spoken by approximately 50 million people in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Yunnan province of China. It has several dialects. Although most of the words are .

General Information Thailand is a multi-ethnic nation and Thai population of 63.4 million speak Thai which is thenational and official language.

In Thailand, Therava-da official language is both the locus of authority and the primary source of resistance to it (cf. Woolard 1985; Gal 1989). Hence Isan people use roughly the same idiom as the Thai elite to resist their domination, to suggest that government-sponsored

Opening branched of foreign school in Thailand. Together, foreign schools and are held in the English language -Thailand began emerging

Music video. I give this five stars out of five." ~ Bob Lind (Phoenix, AZ, United1 Nomination Runtime: 118 min Spoken Language: Thai Subtitled in: English Blazing

Thailand , Thai Culture , Thai Language , Thailand . Tags: Banglamphu Bangkok , Cost of living in BangkokTime. He talks of the Thai language playing a part

He received the equivalent of an Oscar for Best Actor in Thailand. The film received severalNomination Runtime: 118 min Spoken Language: Thai Subtitled in: English

To the branch known as tai-tai kam family tai kadai languages Thailand has 75% of Thais, 11% of Sino-Thai, 3.5% Malay and Khmer, Mons, Vietnamese