Koh Samui Sunset

By | December 6, 2013

Thailand, Koh Samui, Chaweng.

koh samui

23 thoughts on “Koh Samui Sunset

  1. Riaan Skypixels

    Well done! What is your Video and Radio setup?

  2. Rob J

    Everyone wants to know how you got your range? Otherwise, excellent
    piloting! Impressive

  3. Pat Jack

    Very, very nice. Awesome music, Spanish music? Oh yeah … how did you get
    this much range? 🙂

  4. TheCaveman1966

    I too want to know how you get that kind of range?

  5. Dragu Mihai Daniel

    the most incredible fpv flight i ever seen

  6. loveand light

    Everyone is trying to figure out what equipment you are using on w w w
    diydrones . com
    Incredible flight.

  7. mdrm8

    Хороший материал. Что антенн и отправителя?

  8. Cheryl Boiko

    I like the music, sort of Mediterranean/middle eastern/world

  9. Eugene Potapov

    Доброго времени суток. Это видео повергло в панику весьма обученый народ на
    сайте diydrones.ком Из массы предопложений – исполькование мотороллера в
    качестве точки фпв или использование репитеров. Какуй аппаратуру
    использовал? Поделись тех деталями. Заранее спасибо

  10. zakadrom

    Да просто, вэри вери!!!))) Это видео повергло в панику не только народ на
    сайте diydrones.ком )) Можно узнать все таки сетап?!

  11. Chris Leech

    Holy Smokes, I cannot begin to fathom. Now I truly have something to shoot
    for. Wowww!

  12. RC Ross

    Heres a clue. He also said he was flying a couple repeaters out with other
    drones and landing them on roofs around town. somebody from DIY drones was
    in contact apparently via email. Russian guy. Language barrier. This is
    part of the cool range also http (colon slash slash) m dot youtube dot

  13. RC Ross

    Another clue http://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=Uw2WWfisEK0

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