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By | November 30, 2013

A artistic video featuring all the hotspots of Koh Samui. Traveling around the Koh Samui ring road, we filmed locations in Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut, Bang Rak, …

koh samui

25 thoughts on “Koh Samui Lifestyle

  1. smutziee

    Omg, now I whant to go back to my family in thai… It’s the best place in
    the world!

  2. spuddy90

    heading there in 1 week!!!! fantastic place, every 1 is at ease out there

  3. worzysp1

    sweeet i stayed in lamai and chaweng in koh samui i love chiang mai going
    xmass cant wait 3rd time this year thailand is the best im gonna keep going

  4. taekrub

    I am working there, it is such a cool and beautiful place.

  5. Iain Clark

    not really october and november a very wet, but at least it wont be so

  6. ruthie5j

    Ya should be cause the monsoon season will be over by then! I’m so jealous
    I just came back today.

  7. lllTheMellll

    Came to mind many memories of the holidays in Samui … The best of Samuis
    is dogs ♥ I have over 600 pictures of dogs =) Yes… Beautiful place..

  8. Conspiracy2Riot

    While staying there in 02 or 03, I wound up adopting a stray ridgeback for
    the week. Grew so attached I made arrangements to fly him back to the
    states with me. Piece of cake. Had to have him checked out by a Vet at the
    Bangkok Airport, got a certificate, put him in a cat carrier (he was like
    2lbs at the time) and played with him all the way back to Detroit. He was
    buck skin color, the Thai Vet charged me a dollar and the airport code for
    Bangkok is BKK, so I named him Bukk. Great dog.

  9. Conspiracy2Riot

    They eat dogs over there (beware the ‘barking deer’ menu item) so I suppose
    I behaved a bit like that Christian missionary chick down in Haiti except I
    didn’t plan to profit off the dog after I got my hands on him. He got a
    really nice home next to a park with kids and cats and lots of space to
    run. He tag teamed moles in my yard w/ my cat and instead of a mole problem
    I wound up with a hole problem. Now he lives on a big farm in NY. Surely
    that beats being an appetizer in Asia.

  10. Slowico

    Gute Aufnahmen, aber schade das die Abspielqualität nicht so gut ist.

  11. bigshaneoner

    i just got back from thailand i went all over thailand i have to say koh
    samui and phuket are by far the best..Koh samui for the good bars and bein
    able to cruise around on ur motorbike and phuket for the nightlife

  12. baudet ropialvi

    20 may je vais aller a thailande j’espere passer une bonnes vacances yehhhhh

  13. mrearlygold

    Nice video. I lived in Santi Thani development for about 10 months back in
    2002. If only some basic properrty rights would exist there I’d consider it
    for investment and retirement.

  14. eliazourosqw

    how is the weather in march ??? does it rain a lot ?? i hope no because im
    coming after 6 days …

  15. Daniela Aurora

    @peckatron75 You should have seen it in the 80’s. Back there it was a real,
    untouched paradise. No airport, not even in Surat Thani (only the ferry to
    Samui). Times change 🙂

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