koh samui chaweng beach

By | December 3, 2013

holiday to koh samui.

koh samui

3 thoughts on “koh samui chaweng beach

  1. MrThaigaz

    Great vid man captured samui in 10 mins..this is my spirtual home going
    back there in 2 weeks for my 6th time in 2 and half years just love the
    place only bit i didnt like was the plane taking off to go home 🙁 just
    reminds me that will be me in 5 weeks time but hey im sure i would of had a
    great time cant fail not to .good work again 🙂

  2. Fabry R

    @MrThaigaz Thanks!! I agree with your discourse! when i return to koh samui
    I stay in another dimension….forgetful one years of stress and job! and I
    enjoy a well deserved holiday month!! one days a long way I want to live
    here but it’s not easy :.- (

  3. MrThaigaz

    @mrseductione yes one day i would like to live there again!!! i went there
    in 2001 for 2 months and stayed a year 🙂 it took me 7 years to go back
    again and fell in love with the place again and one day i hope to live
    there again to 🙂

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