Khamtieng Plant Market – Chiang Mai

By | September 23, 2013

If, like me you love to wander around garden centres & nurseries then Khamtieng Plant Market in Chiang Mai is a gardener’s paradise!.

The market itself is located directly behind the Khamtieng Tesco Lotus on the Superhighway (north).

The Market consists of over 100 plant and garden shops, all laid out in a series of streets, just ideal for a leasurely weekend stroll. 
Khamtieng Plant Market, Chiang Mai

Some of the shops are general garden sundries stores stocking all kinds of planters,compost,fertilisers, tools and the full variety of equipment required by the dedicated home gardener.

Others have all the necessary hard landscaping materials, paving, rocks, ponds,water features,fish & garden ornaments – indeed everything you would likely need to create the basis for a beautiful garden. 

Khamtieng Plant Market, Chiang Mai

On one of the furthest streets from Tesco Lotus you will find the orchid shops, these are NOT to be missed.

At any time throughout the year there are always many different varieties in bloom, all with stunningly delicate flowers in many different shades of colour, some of the varieties are even SCENTED !!, they all hang majestically, with their aerial roots trailing beneath them.

As a guide, it is always best to purchase the ones that are in bud rather than in full bloom, that way you get to enjoy the full flowering season once you get the orchid home.

And check out the prices, they are a fraction of what you would pay at home !!.

Khamtieng Plant Market, Chiang Mai

Generally the plant vendors within Khamtieng Plant Market in Chiang Mai specialise in certain varieties. To the north of the market (closer to Tesco) there are traders who specialise in trees, most of them still young, although there are more mature examples for sale as well.

The area where the palm tree varieties is always of particular interest to me, there are so many different sizes, shapes & varieties, and they all look so fresh & healthy.

One of the other great things about buying at the market is that the larger plants are delivered to your home,and they even plant them for you !.

Khamtieng Plant Market, Chiang Mai

Other shops specialise in climbers and hangers, some in shrubs and still more in seasonal flowering plants.

The shops that sell plants suited to shade are covered with shade netting and often their wares seem to be completely taking over the simple wooden buildings in which they are housed.



Also within the market there are a number of food vendors, juice bars & a nice restaurant in beautiful garden settings where you can relax in the shade.

Although the plants may not be something you can take home in your suitcase with you this market located just behind Tesco Lotus on the super-highway is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon browsing the colourful array of nature’s finest.

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