Kanchanaburi – “City of Gold”

By | November 9, 2013

Kanchanaburi -

In the Central region of Thailand lies Kanchanaburi province, meaning “city of gold” in Thai.It might be the third largest province of Thailand, but is actually appreciated by many locals,tourists and nature lovers because of the simple pleasures one derives by visiting this remote province, who’s western bounderies all meet the border with Myanmar.

Kanchanaburi is filled with beautiful natural attractions like waterfalls, rivers, caves, forests and mountains. Kanchanaburi is also the name of the provincial capital with a population of just over 52,000 it is little more than a large town.The city is found where the River Kwai Yai and the River Kwai merge to form the Mekong River.

Kanchanaburi -

The thing that sets this province apart & it’s most famous visitor attraction is the “Death Railway” (Burma Railway) that was constructed during the Second World War by the Japanese Imperial Army,which included the bridge on the River Kwai.

The Japanese had forced thousands of Asian laborers and prisoners of war (POWs) to construct this railway, and made to do so under inhumane conditions. More than a hundred thousand people died as a result of this project. Hollywood had further cemented this historical event with films aptly named “Death Railway” and “Bridge on the River Kwai.”

A museum complex was put up near the bridge to commemorate its part in Kanchanaburi history. The War Museum mostly showcases pre-World War II exhibits and there is an excellent view of the river on the rooftop of this building.

The World War II Museum and the old JEATH Museum can be found in the basement area.Its main attraction is a wooden section of the original bridge, a display of what the POW barracks should have looked like and military paraphernalia.

Kanchanaburi -

Beside the Death Railway, the other main tourist attractions to Kanchanaburi are activities such as – kayaking,rambling,trekking, elephant trekking and rock climbing.

One of the famous Kanchanaburi natural attractions is the Erawan Waterfalls, found inside “Erawan National Park”.The Erawan Waterfalls is a 7-tier waterfall that flows into pools of freshwater, suitable for swimming.

Sai Yok Noi is another famous national park in Kanchanaburi, although its attractions are a little less spectacular than those at Erawan.Huai Khamin Waterfall is one spectacular water formation.It’s deep pool is perfect for swimming. 
Kanchanaburi - Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, better known as the “Tiger Temple” ,is a focal point in many Kanchanaburi day tours. Tigers are hunted by poachers in Thailand and as a result, tiger cubs are left to fend for themselves. This beautiful Buddhist temple had started caring for orphaned cubs since 1999 and now, more than a dozen tigers have considered this temple as their home.

The Kanchanaburi province is well worth a visit for anyone who appreciates the simple joys of nature and for those who are interested in its rich history, the city offers a range of Places to Stay to suit all pockets.

How to Travel to Kanchanaburi the journey takes approximately 2 hours by car & 3 hours by bus & train from Bangkok.

If you have been to Kanchanaburi before, and have really great memories of places to stay, visit,or just fun things that happened, please share your Kanchanaburi Memories here.