Is Chiang Mai really really hot in April?

By | December 4, 2013

by Hongyu Diao
(Beijing, China)

Hello, Kevin

My friend and I are going to Chiang Mai at the beginning of April and we are about to stay there for 4 nights. I heard that it would be really really hot in April, and I think maybe that’s the reason why the airline ticketsare so cheap at that time.

I really hope to know whether the hot weather could disturb our trip, because both of us come from a very dry and cold city from China, we are not sure should we stand the hot and wet weather.
Anywhere, if we still go there, should we stay at hotel room between 10 am-5 pm?

We only stay in 4 days so we really hope to make our schedule, you know, more fun.

Thanks for reading this note, I would be really appreciate your help.

Best wishes,

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Is Chiang Mai really really hot in April?

Chiang Mai Hot In April!
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Hi Denise

Many thanks for your visit to our website & questions.

Yes, Chiang Mai is hot in April, it is usually the hottest month of the year with temperatures as high as 40c on some days, it is also the dry season so very little rain likely!…..even now in early March the daytime temperature is reaching 35c, so it’s warming up nicely!!.

If you are visiting in April, and you are in the city between 13th – 15th April it is the Songkran Festival, which is a giant water fight all over the city, great fun but expect to get soaked.

If you are not keen on the hot weather you should plan to do visits to local tourist places before 11am or after 5pm it is still hot, but not unbearable.

Anyway, have a great visit!.

Kind Regards