I’m Planning To Move To Thailand, Need Visa Advice

By | November 17, 2012

by Josie Sterling
(Canberra, Australia)


I have a Thai boyfriend, and we want to move to Thailand to live & work.

I’m wanting a long stay visa (for a year) but we’re not planning to get married straight away and at the moment I won’t be working as soon as I get there.

I also don’t have any savings to declare. is this possible ?, or will I need a job or volunteering plans to get the 1 year visa ?.

Also, when it’s time for a visa renewal, do I need to physically go back to the U.K. to re-apply or can I for example get a new visa issued in Laos, Cambodia or Malaysia for another year ?.

Are the circumstances the same if you’re married to a Thai national? please help!.