I Disagree About Thailand Being Cheap to Live!

By | October 1, 2013

by Pierre Massel
(Phuket, Thailand)

Sorry but I don’t agree with you,Thailand is not cheap.Used car and big motorcycles are overpriced,farang food are overpriced, about 200% and more,internet and satellite TV are not a bargain and shut down many times and are slow.

For me house rent and food prices are the same between Florida and Thailand and general cost of living is also not big deal of difference.Electrical items particularly like LCD TV and computer are more expensive in Thailand.

I currently rent in Phuket, and to be honest when my home rent will finish I will go back home!. I have lived in Thailand for 9 month already now.

People here always want to make a “quick buck” with you.I dont like the way they think here. Money,money,money.I will move to Fort Myers,Florida.

I have many friends in phuket and they think exactly the same as me.

They will look to move to Malaysia,Cambodia or Vietnam. Unfortunately Thai peoples smile to you only when they have something to sell!.