HUB53 Bed&Breakfast

By | November 17, 2012

by W.B.
(Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Hub53 a new approach to customer care

Hub53 a new approach to customer care

Hub53 Bed&Breakfast is a small accommodation with 7 rooms in Nimmanhamin area and close to Chiang Mai University.

It is a new place along Klong Chon Pra Tan Road. The owner is doing her best to keep the place clean and cozy for her guests.

The place provides living area and a kitchen that guests can chill out and have a cup of coffee before taking off for a day. Mood and tone are in oriental style giving a lot of natural light and green space.

Price per night is very cheap compare with what the place is providing to guests. If you are looking for somewhere with high standard quality with a limited budget , Hub53 Bed&Breakfast is your best deal.

Please call Tel No. +66 81 882 1451 or visit the Hub53 website for further details & booking.