How to Make the Most of Family Adventure Holidays!

By | May 21, 2013

by William Geldart

Ah, the family holiday. Two weeks in the sun with the kids entertaining themselves by the pool. Or, as parents, are you the ones desperately trying to keep them out of mischief?

Planning a holiday with children or extended family isn’t always easy. You can never seem to please everyone and along the way you’ll probably experience your fair share of tantrums. And that’s just keeping Dad happy!

But what if there was something different to a ‘bucket and spade’ getaway or a generic excursion to the Balearics?

Well, as the old cliché goes, the ‘world is getting smaller’. And that means the choice on offer is growing. Family adventure holidays and adventure trips are all the rage. Instead of settling for the sun lounger why not broaden your horizons?

Interacting with exotic new environments is an extremely rewarding experience for all of the family. So, you have kids with ants in their pants? That doesn’t mean you can’t all appreciate some of the world’s most impressive scenery together.

Escape the map

Sure, you might want to take a scenic river boat cruise. By contrast, the younger members of your party may prefer to explore the surrounding environment by kayak. Life is all about compromise, more so family travel. On a family adventure holiday, it’s all about getting together, trying new things and escaping the map.

Feeding your adventurous side is going to keep the kids amused and makes planning the day’s itinerary less of a chore. If children are stimulated they’re less likely to act up. You’ll also bond more as a group and everyone will have a good time.

Naturally, you’ll have to account for certain issues. For instance, a child’s threshold for pounding through the Atlas Mountains might not be as high as an adult’s. A little planning ahead can go a long way to ensuring the whole group is kept satisfied. But there’s no need to be too uptight. Once it looks like the kids have had enough of exploring new terrain it won’t hurt to go back to the hotel and relax.

Are you trekking comfortably?

You don’t have to make white-water rafting and igloo building a part of your family adventure holiday. Even if both of those activities do sound like a lot of fun it’s up to you to decide how adventurous or otherwise you want to be.

Intensity levels are subjective and you don’t want an exhausted and cranky family in tow by only the second day. Especially if you have younger children travelling with you, it’s advisable to opt for a more sedate pace.

But don’t get the wrong idea. ‘Leisurely’ doesn’t equate to dull. A trip to the charming Moroccan city of Marrakech, replete with its enchanting souk, can hardly be described as tedious.

Conversely, for a more adrenaline fuelled-experience, there’s plenty to whet the adventurer’s appetite. If you’re looking to please energetic teenagers there are a number of options available.

Some of them will challenge your pre-conceptions of the traditional holiday. For example, what if you could go skiing and dog-sledding, and all during one incredible trip?

Adventure trips that make learning fun

To really capture the imagination of young minds, make the connection between learning and adventure. A visit to the pyramids of Egypt will bring history to life and reinforce their educational importance. Once children become engaged with the physical environment around them they’re far more likely to absorb information.

Also, if you know that your child has a special interest, why not indulge their passion? For the wildlife enthusiast, a trip to see the diverse species of the Serengeti could fuel their desire to get involved with conservation.

In addition, everyone will probably benefit more if you have an accompanying guide. On-hand local experts can provide a unique insight into the surrounding environment. It’s also worth exploring what other perks they can offer. Need a safe ride into the bush? Or want to know more about the speed of a cheetah? Tapping into local knowledge and having your arrangements taken care of provides invaluable peace of mind.

Planning a holiday that will cater towards the whole family is difficult but not impossible. Instead of opting for the same old resort, why not try something new?

As the world has become more accessible the options available to all travellers have increased. Families are no exception to these developments. The irresistible combination of culture, exploration andlearning is now available to the whole brood. Most importantly, by choosing to seek out adventure, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable holiday.

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