How Long Will My Money Last?

By | October 2, 2013

by Sam Charleston

Hi,I am visiting Thailand, Laos & Cambodia in August & just wondered if you could advise me on how long $4,000 will last for food, visas, buses etc (all flights & major stuff excluded).

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How Long Will My Money Last??

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by: Volunteering Jobs Thailand

It’s easy to travel on a tight budget in south east Asia, but also easy to spend a lot!

I took a year out backpacking a few years ago and travelled over land from the East Timor/Indonesia overland back to the UK. I ate like a local and travelled like one too, but a year later i had spent about 4000 US dollars.
However for the first 6 months that were spent in Indonesia, Thailand, Laos I found my moneywent a lot further than once i was in China and Russia.

Hope this helps

Volunteering Jobs Thailand