How I Got Scammed in Bangkok but Came Out Winning

By | November 29, 2013

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8 thoughts on “How I Got Scammed in Bangkok but Came Out Winning

  1. Neko Tengu

    That’s scary to me. A co-worker vacationing in the Caribbean accepted a
    tour from a taxi driver who then drove him and his wife a few miles out of
    town and refused to drive them back until they paid him a lot of money. He
    said he knew the guy wasn’t a real taxi but thought a tour would be nice.
    I guess you’re right though, you just have be smart about it. 

  2. Heather Barley

    nice… I’ve been there 20 yrs ago. it is very fun place to tour!!

  3. FXShroud

    Interesting video! It’s amazing how many fish there are in a river right
    next to the town.

    There are some awful tourist scams all over the world, but it’s nice that
    you only ended up paying a little bit more for a (pleasant) tour. Forget
    scams, a 15-minute taxi ride costs a bit over $20 here… 😛

    Is it possible for you to do a feature video on South Korean scams as well?

  4. Steve Miller

    Looking forward to hitting up the city this winter.

  5. Stelladbsk

    I’m glad you ended up enjoying it. The fish look so pretty in the water.
    Have to always be careful anywhere and with anything. From my experience,
    at night markets, don’t use any coupons that sound like a good deal, like
    a buy1get1free deal. The food vendors do kind of a bait and switch and give
    you the leftovers that they cannot sell off, but you don’t know you’re
    getting the crappy leftovers until after you’ve paid.

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