How can we work together?

By | June 4, 2013

by Laetitia Angelet
(Thoeng – Chiang Rai)

Hello Kevin,

My name is Laetitia Angelet, i am from Belgium, but have been living for almost 14 years in thailand.
Toghether with my Thai husband and our two young children, we live in a small village in the country-side of North-Thailand, in Thoeng. (near Phu Chi Fah)

Recently we opened a small homestay and B&B, where we offer personal adventure for young and old, in a region where not many tourists come yet.
We have a trekking, mountainbike-tours, a visit to Phu Chi Fah and a swim and picnic near a waterfall.

I myself have worked as a guide for many years all around asia, but as a mother it is not always easy to leave for long trips.

Here at home people can discover local life, in a very personal and relaxed way,
I prepare food at home myself for our guests, and my husband, who is fluent in English, is our guide.

We welcome our guests as if they were part of the family…

I was wondering if you could add us to your website,
i think it would fit in your ideas…

You can find more about us and our prices on

Hope to hear from you soon,
or always welcome to pay us a visit…

Friendly regards,

The Lazy Moon Homestay, B&B