HOT Pattaya Beach is getting wet. SONGKRAN festival.

By | December 1, 2013 SONGKRAN Happy New Year Friday 13 April 2012 in Thailand. Tourist specially book for this week to get wet in hot Thai…

songkran festival

17 thoughts on “HOT Pattaya Beach is getting wet. SONGKRAN festival.

  1. Callum Kennedy

    thank you for making a nice video of my country……….

  2. tran huy

    great video. I hope to be there someday too

  3. tran duyen ngoc

    FIRST… Nice video. Looking forward to 2011

  4. hoiladeugi

    I dont know what the hell youre saying…but i like it 😀

  5. Callum Kennedy

    video that su an tuong. sang nam toi se tham gia. likeeeeeeeeee

  6. prono11000

    i like this video when i see it i miss home. hahaha

  7. OZAQUAful

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