Hot day in Chiang Mai with Geoff Carter

By | November 21, 2013

walk down one of the streets of Chiang Mai on a Wednesday afternoon.

chiang mai

25 thoughts on “Hot day in Chiang Mai with Geoff Carter

  1. nelco69

    Hi Geoff. Cold Chang and Panang Gai in my adopted home Chiang Mai,
    Fantastic!! Chiang Mai is a beautiful place, there is always something
    going on. It would be very hard to get bored there. It is 8 years since i
    was last there, and i cant wait to get back because it will be for good
    this time, as i am retiring there. It is still a few years off yet. but as
    soon as i can i am off. The people are so friendly up there, and Chiang Mai
    is resounded buy beautiful mountain’s, what’s not to like Neil

  2. geoff carter

    its fab nel. like you say lovely people up here, off to Lamphun Saturday.

  3. geoff carter

    I was wasted walking home from there. fantastic afternoon. the panang gai
    was delish with lots of different ingredients and only 70 baht.

  4. Geordiegaga

    As always, another great video Geoff and you’ve captured Chiang Mai
    perfectly… going up there soon to buy and build, then live happily ever
    after mate!! Enjoy and keep ’em coming!!

  5. David Howarth

    A great place to visit Geoff , sun , beer food , what else could one want ?

  6. Thai Dave

    Another class video mate. Only 77 days to go and I’ll be back, I’m not
    counting though!!! Keep up the good work

  7. dave temuchin

    Nice video of the sois can’t wait to live there this year keep up the great
    vids Geoff

  8. geoff carter

    ive been Koh Samet a few times and Phuket where I was going to do them all,
    but became very il and had to fly home?

  9. KenOfthewest

    Looks really nice up there, not as crowded. Is it less humid than in
    Bangkok? The fod looks great! Keep on exploring and having a drinkie to
    refuel! 😉

  10. Catoni52

    Ha, ha.. memories Thank you. wonderful memories. Spent four months in
    northern Thailand. Based out of Chiang Mai. Arrived February, 2013, left in
    June. I’m 61 now.. but felt like I was in my twenties, lost more than 10kg
    of weight, took part in Songkran..what a blast 🙂 Visited lots of temples
    including Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep three times. You took us down a street I
    am very familiar with. Loi Khro. But I was there long enough to become
    familiar with much of the city. I’ll be going back. 🙂

  11. geoff carter

    Nice one Caton, its a wonderful place, hope you return there soon.

  12. Catoni52

    Thanks Geoff. I plan on returning. But it might take me a year or two. My
    heart is there in Chiang Mai and the Lisu village in the mountains north
    west of Chiang Dao. Monk outside of Chiang Mai did Sak Yant Yantra tattoos
    on my back.. Permanent reminder. Have you tried a chicken kebab from the
    vendor on Loi Khro? Delicious. He’s usually near the two temples on the
    left as you head east down Loi Khro. But about 6:30 he heads for the night
    market. I’m also very interested in Cambodia.

  13. pfg333

    seven weeks to go and i’ll be avin a lickle look myself. had many changs in
    johns place and the food is good also. agree about those keebabs very
    tastey and cheap.

  14. solisarith

    i could listen to this guy narrate stuffs for ages.

  15. solisarith

    netime. subbed. checking out your other vids. good stuff, good stuff.

  16. baosavanh75

    I’ll be there mid-November, hopefully it cool down a bit by then.

  17. geoff carter

    Mid November is even hotter. you will love it ! nothing a cold Chang can’t
    fix !!

  18. acajudi100

    Thank you. I will not take Korean Air, fior it was the most racist
    experience, that I have ever had in my 71 years! The Aussies I met in Bali
    and on the plane were so super racist. I know racism is here in USA, and
    Black on Black killings, but why travel the world with your hatred. I am so
    glad that KARMA teaches a wonderful lesson to mean and evil people. I did
    hear that the majority of the Thai are very nice and kind. A smile never
    breaks your face.

  19. geoff carter

    I agree. and you will love the land of smiles. you will see.

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