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By | October 7, 2013

Our Online Shop supplies Handmade Home Decor & Home Accessories items from Chiang Mai,Northern Thailand.

Many of the designs are Thai classics, whose production techniques have been handed down through the ages, and are now available delivered to your door !.

Customer Information:

* FREE SHIPPING on all these items.

* All the following items are shipped Thailand Post Economy Airmail, deliveries worldwide take between 14-28 days.

PLEASE NOTE: Any taxes or charges levied within the destination country are NOT included within the selling price, and are therefore the responsibility of the buyer.

Item No 426

Item No 426

Description: Lovely Handcarved Teakwood Mother & Baby Elephant

Price: $29.99

Beautifully carved teakwood figure featuring a baby elephant by its mothers side, the level of detail on this item is quite stunning!.

Size: W15cm x D9cm x H12cm (W6″ x D3.5″ x H5″)

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 214

Description: Set of 3 Handcarved Teakwood Storage Boxes

Price: $89.99

Three teak-wood trunks come nested one inside the other.

Perfect for so many things at home. Perhaps for holding jewellery, keys or keepsakes !.

Interesting split bamboo cross-stitch detail on the lids, & handsome little brass catches complete the look.

Sizes: Large – W23cm x D17cm x H19cm (W9.25″ x D6.8″ x H7.6″)

Medium – W18cmx D15cm x H13cm (W7.25″ x D6″ x H5.25″)

Small – W13cm x D10cm x H10cm (W5.25″ x D4″ x H4″)

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 217

Description: Handmade Mangowood & Nickel Storage Box

Price: $34.99

This lovely storage box is ideal for all those bits & pieces that would otherwise be lost forever.

it is made by hand using mangowood which is a fast growing renewable source, with hand-beaten nickel decorations on the lid showing a classic Elephant scene.

The box also has a nice brass clip on the front to secure the lid.

This lovely storage box is 19.5cm (7.8″) wide x 10cm (4″) deep x 7cm (2.8″) high.

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 210

Description: Decorative Handcarved Teakwood Xylophone

Price: $64.99

This lovely xylophone is a decorative replica of a finely carved xylophone, as used in traditional Thai orchestras.

It makes a very beautiful sound when played with the accompanying sticks, as well as being a fun ornament for any home.

The 2 playing sticks are included with the xylophone.

Item Size: 41cm (16.5″) long x 16cm (6.5″) deep x 24cm (9.5″) high.

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Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 211

Description: Aged Cast Iron Temple Bell

Price: $49.99

Reminiscent of days gone by in the old Siam Empire this is a splendid replica of a temple bell and has ornate relief on its body.

There is a pleasant tone to the bell, and this item would look great anywhere in the home !!.

Item size: 9.5cm (3.8″) wide x 9.5cm (3.8″) deep x 18cm (7.25″) high.

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 216

Description: Set of 3 Square Thai Silk Jewelry Boxes

Price: $39.99

Thai silk is famous throughout the world for its special qualities & stunning colours.

These silk covered jewelry boxes are just ideal for keeping either yourjewelry items in or other knick knacks, or just leave them just as they are to brighten up the look in any room!.

The price is for the set of 3 boxes

Item size : 9cm (3.6″) wide x 9cm (3.6″) deep x 7.5cm (3″) high.

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 119

Description: Square Hand Carved Waste Paper Bin

Price: $29.99

Hand carved decorative waste paper bin, made of teakwood by Thai craftsmen from the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand.

The bin measures approx 20cm wide(8″) x 26cm high(10.5″), and is an ideal addition to any room of the home!.

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 212

Description: Aged Cast Iron Temple Bell on Stand

Price: $84.99

This beautiful aged cast iron bell on a stand is a replica of a traditional Buddhist temple bell from the days of the Siam Empire.

The bell is heavily decorated allover & features a sitting Buddha figure at the front.

Other traditional Buddhist symbols are embossed all around the rest of the body of the bell.

The bell is suspended on an aged teakwood stand, and makes a lovely sound when gently struck !!.

Item size: 24cm (9.6″) wide x 9cm (3.6″) deep x 33cm (13.2″) high.

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 133

Description: Handcarved Teakwood Elephant Plant Stand

Price: $44.99

Absolutely lovely hand carved plant stand, made from teakwood with 3x individually handcarved elephants attached which support the round plant holder.

This lovely item is made in the hillside villages around Chiang Mai, by talented Thai craftsmen.

The plant stand is approx 20cm(8″) wide x 12cm(4.8″) high, and will bring both beauty & practicality to any room within the home.

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 130

Description: Handcarved Buddha’s Hand Wine Pourer

Price: $54.99

Beautifully handcarved “Hand of Buddha” wine pourer, made from solid teak wood by the highly skilled artisans who live & work in the hillside villages that surround Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

The hand is 35cm(14″) long x 26cm(10.5″) high x 12cm(4.8″) deep, and is dark oak in colour, with the lovely “graining” of the teak wood which is then polished to create an absolutely stunning home accessory.

This item will add both style and a feel of the old Orient to wherever it is located within the home !!.

Please note: the wine bottle is NOT included with this item !!.

Home Decor & Accessories

Item No 194

Description: Handcarved Teakwood Magazine Rack

Price: $39.99

A lovely addition to any home, this stylish but modern magazine rack is made by the talented craftsmen from the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand.

The rack measures 34cm long x 19cm deep x 26cm high (13.6″ long x 7.6″ deep x 10.4″ high).

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