Holidays A Comin’….

By | July 3, 2013

holidayscominIt’s cold. It’s grey. It’s howling a gale outside and you’re sat at your office desk staring longingly at the tropical scene you unadvisedly set as your computer background which now taunts you on a daily basis as you sit attempting to defrost the frozen sausages that have appeared where your fingers used to be.

January has to be the busiest month of the year for hits on holiday tour operator websites. Everyone’s back to the grindstone and jaded after the Christmas break, and those New Year’s resolutions have all been broken within the first 24hrs. It’s depressingly cold and, when the boss isn’t looking, Google starts getting requests to search for ‘Cheap Spain Holiday’ while the memories of last year’s break in the sun seems several lifetimes ago in the face of January’s cruel winter.

Sometimes I think it’s the excitement before a holiday which is almost better than the holiday itself. Several months of planning to follow dubious magazine’s claims to ‘Get a bikini body in one day’ which you never bother with (you just couldn’t find a day to spare from eating Mars Bars), the endless searches for the perfect bikini online, researching the best restaurants in the local area, booking a fake tan, practising snorkelling in the bath…the list of pre-holiday joys is endless. However, January is also the poorest month of the year for most people, which is why websites such as Very Cheap Holidays can be a godsend.

Just looking at the exotic names of Kavos, Nerja, Taba, Olu Deniz and Crete cheers me up. Seeing the cheap holidays on offer to Turkey and Egypt only serve to boost my mood even further! I know from experience how much money can be saved with an all-inclusive deal and finding websites loaded with so many on offer warms my winter cockles.

So maybe it’s time I gave myself something to look forward to, perhaps I should stop Googling and start booking – boosting my morale without breaking the bank!