Hiking & Hilltribe Visits in Northern Thailand

By | November 17, 2012

by Lara Spanoge

Unspoilt  Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand

Unspoilt Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand

Dear Sir

We found your website & have found it very useful & wondered if you could help us?.

Is it possible to visit the different hilltribes by ourself?. We will be travelling by car and are not fond of tour groups & larger gatherings!.

What we also see is that you have to do a lot of other things if you book a tour, we want to spend our time leisurely enjoying the area.

We are very much nature lovers and ideally would like to just hike from hilltribe to hilltribe if this at all possible.

We very much like to be on our own. Can you help us?

Lara Spanoghe

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Hiking & Hilltribe Visits
in Northern Thailand

Hiking & Hilltribes
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Lara

Many thanks for your visit to our website & subsequent questions, which we will endeavour to answer & provide you with useful information.

Ok, I am not sure when or how long you intend to spend up in the north of Thailand but what I would highly recommend is the following:

Personally from what you have described I would suggest that you use Pai as your “base”, it’s a truly wonderful trekking town up in the mountains between Chiang Mai & Mae Hong Son.

The town has a warm & welcoming feel to it, is very laid back & with lots of homestay & budget accommodation makes it the perfect place to explore the stunningly beautiful areas that surround it.

There are also quite a lot of local “must see” places, and you are in easy access to several different Hilltribe Groups.

If you travel “out of season” basically between now & November, there is every possibility you could secure a personalised guide to show you around (without a group)……but DO NOT book anything beforehand, there are MANY tour companies in both Pai & Mae Hong Son and you will get better prices looking them directly in the eye.

I would NOT suggest you just take off into the hills on your own, there are no signs in English & very little English is spoken!.

If we can be of further help to you, please do not hesitate to contact us again…..and have a great time!.

Website Administration