Health Insurance in Chiang Mai

By | October 16, 2013

by Kim P.
(Houston, TX)

Hi Kevin:

Thank you very much for the information regarding retirement in Chiang Mai. I have been doing research about this area and most definitely willretire in Chiang Mai in 2 year.

Could you tell me more about health insurance?
My husband will be 63 and I will be 61. We are in good health. How much do you think would cost to buy a good insurance policy in Chiang Mai.

Also, before we do to Chiang Mai, should we obtain health insurance in the State and then cancel it once the health insurance is obtained in Chiang Mai?

Your advice is greater appreciated.

Kim P.

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Health Insurance in Chiang Mai

Health Insurance in Chiang Mai, Thailand
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Hi Kim

Many thanks for your kind words regarding our website…..great choice you are making to retire to Chiang Mai, it is a wonderful city, you will enjoy a great retirement here!.

In terms of health insurance, if both your husband & you are currently healthy, let your current policy run until you arrive, then you have two choices:

1/ play it safe & organize health insurance as soon as you arrive through a Thai company, very easy to do & very cost effective compared to the US.

2/ do like I do and just pay for hospital / visits to the Doctor as you require them, if I have a year whereby I need a lot of medical visits, I will then just buy a policy, but currently “on demand” works for me & is cheaper than having a policy that hopefully is not required!.

Kind Regards