HD 1080p | Full Moon Party | Feb. 2011

By | December 6, 2013

HD 1080p | Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Thailand Feb. 2011 Film by Nico Larisch http://www.3dms.de Canon 7D – 17-50mm F2,8.

full moon party

25 thoughts on “HD 1080p | Full Moon Party | Feb. 2011

  1. thevisamaster

    Spent three months working at paradise beach bar in 2009 at Baan Tai beach.
    It was the most awsome time of my life! Full moon, half moon, black moon
    party… and the backyard in Haad Rin… after that it was nursing a
    hangover in probably the most beautiful place on earth. After that it is
    back to freaking reality… sigh. However going back sometime in
    september… anyone up to it hop on!! Cheers mate.

  2. yann31240

    remember the mushrooms on the cliff bar…two shakes…locked and loaded
    untill 10am

  3. pingu1004

    Yey! Now I’ve got proof that I WAS THERE!!! =D WEEE!

  4. 333kostas

    @AnthologyT11 Do they still play Psytrance?

  5. sweeds123456789

    LOL the guy at the right at 1:11

  6. chanin promsombat

    wow’ So good ” i like koh samui and koh phangan ^_^

  7. U2Berror

    drugs much? And look at the idiot with USA on his forehead

  8. JamesKez

    where do i find a neon Fedora like the one in this video?

  9. kong1100


  10. Evaese

    @stolpioni stop checking out the dudes then bro, pussy everywhere lighten up

  11. I Don't Even Lift

    @stolpioni Haha, what? They’re all with fucking hot girls?

  12. Jacob Isaac

    How did you get such good lighting? is it just from the lights around? or
    did you have something with you?

  13. BlueS0l

    I can’t wait for this, I’ll be there December 10th!!!

  14. sizzlethis

    Was there in 2006 and it has been the best party I have ever been too. Will
    never forget it and can’t wait to make my way back one day

  15. Mountain Leopard

    @thevisamaster … So how was it in September then? I have dreamt about
    going to Thailand I been obsessed with going to Thailand for about 12
    months but I got a promise to myself I will go one day and even thought
    about working there but that probably wont ever happen but fuk it, I am
    determined to get there one day! Just watching these vids gives me goose
    bumps the size of golf balls It is like another planet over there!! Peace…

  16. Benz Oesch

    yeeaahh in February 2012 i go there with my friends like dj
    21onTheFloor(S.Finini)….and we make there at my villa….Birthday party
    for my friend Dj 21onTheFloor…..Entrance for everyone free and free drink
    like Crystal champagne…many Russian Models Girls and Thais Models and
    America Models join it 😀 Our limousine come pick you up to the party!! who
    wanna come write to me for VIP card and more photo of my party and villa or
    what u need!!! and please only people 18-30….ok cya there 😉

  17. Calimeeros

    Looks stupid as fuck because everyone is thinking that the photographer is
    taking still images 😀 stupid people

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