Handcarved Lotus Wallpanels

By | December 29, 2013

by Alan Rauen
(Portland, Oregon, US)

Stunning Handcarved Teakwood 36″ Square Lotus Wallpanel

Greetings – I am really interested in the 36″ square Lotus Panels .I read on your very informative website that this item is shipped in three panels.

I will want the panel to look like a single piece when installed. Is the carving done as a single panel and then cut for shipping?

Can you ship a 36″ square without cutting it into 3 panels?

Regards, Alan

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Handcarved Lotus Wallpanels

Handcarved Lotus Wallpanels
by: Kevin (Website Administration)

Hi Alan

Many thanks for your questions & enquiry for the 36″ Square Lotus Wallpanel Set we offer.

The panels are actually carved as individual panels, typically it will be new teakwood that is used, but many of the older Thai carvers prefer to use old reclaimed teakwood floorboards.

How it is done – firstly the plain wood is selected that is as similar thickness as possible, they lay them down next to each other & lightly glue a large piece of paper onto the wood that contains the design they are going to make.

Then they cut out the basic design with a small handheld electric jigsaw, followed by using lots of different sized & shaped chisels lots of elbow grease & sanding!!.

The carvers then sell the sets without colour to the local wholesalers, who then correct any manufacturing faults & then stain & decorate the sets ready for sale.

Most of the handcarving of the Lotus Wallpanel Sets is done by Hill Tribes farmers, up in the mountains around Chiang Mai & along the Thai border with Myanmar.

By careful selection by ourselves of the sets, we are able to ensure that the completed item does look like a single panel when mounted on the wall.

However – please do remember, these are completely made by hand, so slight irregularities are a feature of this type of item, and add value & charm to it, rather than detract.

If you have further questions, I am always happy to answer, just email me directly.

Kind Regards


5 foot lotus panel
by: bruce 

Can you supply a 5 foot diameter lotus panel that is not stained? I think I understand the cost of the panel to be $499 and includes shipping. I am in the San Francisco Bay area, how long would it take to recieve the panel?

5′ Lotus Wallpanel Set
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Bruce

Many thanks for your valued enquiry for a 5′ Lotus Wallpanel Set. Yes you are correct the delivered price for the 5′ set is $499, deliveries are by FedEx for this item & take approximately 7 days from Paypal payment clearance to you receiving your order.

We can supply the set in either natural, whitewash, antique & the dark brown stain.

If you could email me directly at kevin.r.butters@gmail.com I will gladly send you some photos to show you all the different finishes.

Kind Regards