great clip – pattaya & phuket nightlife by: oren shveka

By | November 28, 2013

credits: tvshinjuku plahgat productions.

phuket bars

25 thoughts on “great clip – pattaya & phuket nightlife by: oren shveka

  1. AnonyMouse

    the old men in this video made me feel so dirty

  2. SuperBingo96

    Gr8 song, great view. Cheers mate – from Australia.

  3. ej Tiggz

    they just can’t stop spreading the HIV.

  4. CosmicTwillight

    Great Video !! … i miss thailand : ) ..they know how to party there !!

  5. พฤทธิกร สาระกุล


  6. MrBA2011

    Thanks you bro , really good keep it up.

  7. leo patrk patrk

    What i seen so far, all thai girls have no ass so they need go gym and do

  8. Mrsinister Yups

    na cunt they literally have no ass’s, ive fucked over a 130 of them i would

  9. keithlamontbraggs

    Okay ,at first i was thinking that was Maddona ,it sounds like her style.

  10. Tommy Hansen

    wrong. the city is going to fuck the shit out of you 😉

  11. 60vanbaker

    Stay away from the red light districts. There is plenty to do and wonderful
    places to see in Thailand. A lot more to Thailand than sex. Wonderful
    friendly people great food and culture beautiful temples and beaches.

  12. Kartik Singh

    there is endless websites where real honeys chatting online that are many
    times better than youtube, i understand you all too lazy to search so ill
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    that has been said! Only then

  13. Robert javanmard

    hahaha 4:14 I know this place . end of soi diamon

  14. keithlamontbraggs

    Old “Farangs” need some love too ,do you want them to just roll over and
    die? They have to resort to something….LOL

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