Good Vacation Planning Makes Travel Fun

By | November 14, 2013

by Rico Roberts
(United States)

The Result of Perfect Vacation Planning !!

The Result of Perfect Vacation Planning !!

Good vacation planning is the key to having fun!.

There are several things to consider.Thinking about these ahead of time can avoid many headaches. Why worry about them? Plan your trip and save yourself a lot of trouble later. Do not waste valuable time dealing with problems when you could be out Having Fun!.

Since the tragedy at the World Trade Center in 2001, airport security has been much tighter. Travelers are screened very closely, especially when traveling across borders and into other countries.

It is therefore very important to have your personal identification current and available to review. Make sure your passport is good and carry it with you at all times. It is also a good idea to have a second copy of valuable documents in case something is lost or stolen.

Put all these documents in a safe place but have them ready to show if required. Many hotels have strong boxes available. Never assume your room or luggage is secure.

There is a lot of good information available on the internet to help you. If you are going by air, be sure to read the latest rules. Different airlines have different requirements about documents and luggage. Many limit the number of bags and the weight allowed.

Some will charge extra for baggage and airport taxes. There are also rules about what you can carry on board and what must be checked. Be prepared for this and avoid problems and delays at the airport. Allow plenty of time in your schedule for dealing with this as well as the delays caused by weather, flight changes, and other travelers.

If your vacation includes travel to another country like Colombia or Thailand, check the weather forecast for that area. Make sure you have the right clothes for the kind of activities you are planning to take part in. Of course you can always do a little shopping when you get there.Learn a little about the culture so that you know what is appropriate to wear. Do not carry a lot of jewelry or personal items. Reduce the risk of losing something valuable.

Another very important thing to consider is money. Check currency exchange rates for your destination. Take only enough money for your trip. Most international airports will have places to exchange your money but there is a fee for this.

It is usually better to exchange money at a local hotel, bank, or currency market when you get there. You can use a tool like The Universal Currency Converter to know what rate to expect. In most places, you can use credit, ATM, or debit cards.

Be sure to tell your card company about your plans ahead of time so that the transactions are not denied because of security concerns. And be extremely careful about your personal security when traveling with cash and credit cards.

On vacation, your time is the most valuable thing. Check out your destination ahead of time so that you do not miss some interesting sights. There is a lot of excellent information on the internet about hotels, beaches, restaurants, activites, and other attractions.

Make plans for your transportation. Know where the food and water is safe and have your medical records current.

So start planning your next vacation today!. Be a smart traveler and be prepared to make the most of it. There are so many wonderful places to visit and interesting things to see. Do not forget to bring me back a souvenir and lots of good photos.

Send them to me and we can share your fantastic memories with everyone!.