GO-GO PARTY! (Patpong, Bangkok)

By | November 28, 2013

Ray Ban Giveaway! facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialSunglassWarehouse Exploring the area of Bangkok known as Patpong. It is one of the numerous red-l…


25 thoughts on “GO-GO PARTY! (Patpong, Bangkok)

  1. manos3790

    You’d never want share lines o coke with the brunette, look at the beak on
    it! LOL

  2. Joe MINIMAL

    Try Baiyoke sky or Ambassador…. I stayed in both of them…

  3. rosscofox

    To give you an idea of the price hiking that goes on; those crappy b199
    soaps are worth about b40 in non-tourist areas….

  4. ChicharonyPresidente

    Is not the same when women make a video about prostitution and all around
    banging. Prostitutes, drinking, ping pong shows and whipping parties.
    Nahhhhhhh,,,is not the same as when men film.

  5. Jonipoon

    Its amazing how easily you can get drinks in Asia for free, just
    befriending some local people. I did it all the time.

  6. Pakorn S

    My suggestion is split the bill before you go to the show. 15-20bills of
    20Baht(0.75cent.) would enough. So the total cost for the show would be
    600Bath($20) which is quite not expensive right? The show will consist of
    8-15 mini show. Rather than PING-PONG, you won’t believe that how can they
    open the bottle cap(in Thailand we cannot twits it!) for$20 it’s worth for
    a life time trust me!

  7. xjpz123

    After the hangover Pt2, my view on Bangkok go go girls has changed…..

  8. pattayafilms

    Sorry, i didn’t realize i was talking to a 13 y.o. I’ll try and make it
    clearer for you. Ain’t no bitch givin her shit to no gangsta bro. Yo talkin
    trash. Yo trippin bitch? Yo beter shut yah punk ass mouth b4 i pop a cap in
    yah white ass yo mother. Keep it real bro

  9. pattayafilms

    Yeah ok, my mom works there. She does the make up for your mom before the
    ping pong ball and banana show. How is your mom by the way? Still have a
    cunt like a wizards sleeve? -;)

  10. blackpirates7

    I love sexy girls !! good movie! good job☆ Please watch the my video,
    きっと気に入ってもらえると思います☆ 素敵な動画をupありがとう!

  11. thedrummerboy1

    Why are western woman going to this area?It’s for men only. Bizarre.

  12. Saikhamwong Wong

    i like the video and also i would like to go bangkok with you guy too 😛
    you guy are such beautiful .

  13. jasonstott1

    Can see the same in the US and they were only your friends for the drink
    money you are much cheaper then them.

  14. TimeSplitterChimp .

    Yes my wife is Thai, I used to live there and my daughter was born there.

  15. Gear Kijjaroenvisal

    Then how is it that you still haven’t realized that in places where tourist
    dwell, they will triple the price of an item you can get in just about any
    normal night market?

  16. Nurul Islam Nayon

    i am bangladeshi nayon and shuvo is vary nice viedos

  17. capespring

    This Youtube user Buppah Anchalee is using part of this video for its own

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