Girls in Maya Cafè Chiang Mai – Thailand

By | November 24, 2013

Le mie amichette “artistiche”

chiang mai

25 thoughts on “Girls in Maya Cafè Chiang Mai – Thailand

  1. vuErULes

    gee its a cafe not a bar they should wear better clothes n not whore
    clothes gee beautiful gurls just have to ruin their pride over money.

  2. cgoblinwood

    p.s. this looks like crap Butlins entertainment, but obviously the girls
    are much hotter ! 🙂 x

  3. Nevigo

    Oh man,I am on my way to Chiang Mai in 3 weeks,and I look soo much forward
    to it.Thailand rocks..

  4. schicktd

    You better be very Drunk….to tolerate that music.

  5. paul salvin

    this is just natural local entertaiment, and i give them a big thumbs up
    for effort, well done girls !!!!

  6. monsterp1970

    @paulcarr1974 That’s as much effort as you get for anything here…. T.I.T.

  7. DJacqu8351

    Blame the choreographer not the beautiful ladies.

  8. Martin Carter

    The girl in the blue outfit at centre right is perfect and knows exactly
    what she is doing to .

  9. van psych

    do they have any humans there or are they all just robots programmed to
    gaze blankly through a five step routine.

  10. moviemad56

    if only they could get real jobs, instead of gyrating in this meat-market
    with no future at all…;(

  11. Charles Barney

    Don’t kid yourself.. as they get older many of these women become business
    owners (bars, restaurants, etc), or go on to marry a decent man and raise a

  12. Eddy van Someren Brand

    and I like the one with white boots.

  13. Jasper Willows

    I don’t think these girls are available to men. The ones I saw when
    travelling thailand weren’t this good looking!

  14. Martin Willem Schmid

    They sure are saving their energy LOL

  15. Mike H

    Somehow…feels a little sad to me…Thai ladies are beautiful but…not
    sure this.

  16. PiratesPirate1

    The girls are available to men. This is the domestic side of the sex
    business that caters to Thai men. Yes, the girls that cater to Thai men are
    better looking than the ones that cater to tourist.

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