Full Moon Party Thailand…AWESOME!

By | November 30, 2013

On the island of Ko Pha-Ngan in Thailand every full moon there is a massive party. This year the full moon came on New Year’s Eve…HOLY CRAP….WHAT A FU#CK…

full moon party

25 thoughts on “Full Moon Party Thailand…AWESOME!

  1. cenfy57

    @zaluya But maybe Hat Rin beach was not the best place to have party . It
    used to be beautiful beach but now is very cluttered and built up. Although
    I suppose that was going to happen anyway .

  2. 0sba

    @ARMONI555 take a mushroom shake and they are ALL top models:p

  3. Imperial072

    thats not the authentic way of life there…its just the western shitfilled
    polluting and disturbing way of “partying” at the island…i hope Thailand
    doesnt loose its pristine beauty

  4. diabhalo

    Heh, thailand lost its pristine beauty years ago

  5. elibano

    from koh san road there is bus. you have to aks around for the ticket they
    showing you, the ticket office. low price for the ticket. and it takes
    about 7 hours to koh phangan.

  6. BCFreedomFighter

    Love it.. A few good men are lost i the battle lol

  7. ezuk60

    thailand is just one heaven has left on the world. I’ve been there 4 times
    and my suggestion to ppl is one of the place that is essential for everyone
    to go there. all things is yours with fucking cheap price and also
    respectful thai ppl…

  8. 12OunceProphet

    wtf is up with all the anti hippie comments ? LOL its fucking hilarious . I
    am not a hippie , i was just wondering LOL

  9. AimForMyHead81

    Western culture is the only culture worth saving? Really? It was once the
    pinnacle of world civilisation but now your culture glorifies sex, drugs
    and alcohol and asides from severe economic hardship the idiocy and
    hypocrisy of your leaders is destroying the western world.

  10. AimForMyHead81

    English like all European languages was based upon the ancient indo-aryan
    language Sanskrit

  11. TejasM14

    you call this party fun?sure. but imagine for the locals, it must be pure
    nightmare. Just alcohol, drugs, and all the transgressions and crime that
    comes along with it.

  12. no0kieNRW

    and so much money..dont forget about that…pure nightmare

  13. no0kieNRW

    yea he should kill himself for not being asian -.o

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