Full Moon Party! – [Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand]

By | December 7, 2013

Our last Thai Island video where we learn how to cook Thai food and then party till dawn. Read more at: http://www.heynadine.com Contiki:http://www.contiki.c…

full moon party

25 thoughts on “Full Moon Party! – [Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand]

  1. Tdiarocks123

    How long are you on this trip?! It seems like you’ve been traveling FOREVER

  2. lambarini

    ive always wanted to go to a full moon party! the paint looks amazing. was
    it hard to clean off? i wanna ask soooo many questions lol. i loved the
    lantins at the end, looked so magical! where was your fave place you
    visited on your travels? ok im going to stop asking annoying questions now

  3. I don't know

    Nadine , dont’ you understand, YOU’RE THE STAR. I wish you could get other
    people to film you doing things more often. Rather than you filming

  4. livingabovethe12th

    omg – i LUV those fire lanterns you let loose into the night sky! thats was
    soo cool and beautiful!! …can you post on your website how you make one
    of those?? i think alot of us would like to try that!! i would!

  5. katreen12121

    love ur vids! but when r u goin back home to Vancouver ? U have been on
    this trip for a while.

  6. Meg0246

    6:23 … Was I the only one thinking of Tangled.

  7. fdbngkasjfbgi

    i know you like travelling nadine, but contiki tours are a really shit way
    to explore another countrys culture.

  8. dunnkers

    cool video! it makes me wanna cook when i see all the food!!

  9. derekcolman

    Nadine, I love the format the way it is. It was like real life and you took
    me to places I will never go to. I hope it’s not too much of a come down
    being back home, but maybe we could look forward to some more parodies and
    amusing vlogs. I miss them, and I suspect I’m not the only one.

  10. MarkD1159

    Yet another reason why I have NO desire to ever travel, or even leave my
    home state any time soon.

  11. Shaoroun

    oh rainy season! how i missed you! XD

  12. carniefred

    I am super jealous! Always wanted to go to a full moon party in Ko Pang
    Nang or Ko Sumui…

  13. EmilionTV

    In The Last Time thats make so Fun but i was tired and i sleeped in The
    area …thats so sucks ….:/

  14. Dasha from Russia

    Oh my god… l live in Thailand about 3 years and I’ve never hear stories
    like this! How is it possible??? I think it depends of woman…just don’t
    go with group of man to somewhere and don’t drink like a pig, when you’re
    alone, and have a Hotel booking (better for you)! If you haven’t a good
    company i know one really good site (it’s not a advertising) is
    couchsurfing. A lot of people come to full moon and you can find a good
    company there.


    phoboskitty was right. I am Thai 100% and it happens all the time.

  16. Baijid Ahmed

    I am so disappointed now having returned back home from Thailand, and not
    experiencing the full moon party. Although, I was not in Thailand when the
    full moon party was being hosted to give me some sort of consolation.
    Furthermore, I am definitely on Sunday the 13th July 2014, going to be
    attending the Full moon party in Koh Pha Ngan. Can not wait to rock this

  17. Jason SIM

    If I see you at koh phangan I’ll rape you! cause you are hot

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