By | December 2, 2013

FULL MOON PARTY!! Here is some video of the party it went until 10 am the next day! Check out some of my other Vlogs as i travel around!

full moon party

7 thoughts on “~~**FULL MOON PARTY**~~ JULY 2013 VLOG#5

  1. Laura Olivia

    aahhh so much fun!!! I was just outside of the bar where the smoke was

  2. Layla Kay

    omg those three guys painted in black going down the slide, they were nuts!

  3. AlejandroCN1987

    I was there that day. Mate, it was madness in it’s purest state!

  4. Rodrigo Sommacal

    HAHAHA MEN! I gave you that “GOPRO” HIGH FIVE ! 2:51 nice video! cheers
    from Argentina.

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