Full Moon Party Feb. 24, 2008 Koh Phangan, Thailand

By | December 8, 2013

Welcome to Koh Phangan, Thailand the home of number ONE full moon party on the beach in the world. Come see the full full moon party videos, other videos and…

full moon party

25 thoughts on “Full Moon Party Feb. 24, 2008 Koh Phangan, Thailand

  1. stopusinaar

    I agree the beach is not nearly as packed on the nights leading up to the
    full moon so its more fun.

  2. Shy1eight0Slider

    harden up princess! if your not a complete retard you will be fine! how do
    i know i just got back from the fullmoon party which was on the 14th and
    loved it!!! best time of my life!!!

  3. loganslean

    Yeah, it looks like 18-30 shit, fuck that.

  4. yhysw

    do ppl actually get caught by the local police because of drugs in that

  5. Peter Marreck

    Yes, because the only people worth meeting in the world are “psy-trance
    people” and nobody else has anything to offer you, mister infected mushroom

  6. Bronsini

    I spent many months in Thailand and never did I go to one of these parties,
    or even this island. Northern Thailand is much more my pace.. jungles and
    mountains and genuine thai

  7. jimbob202019

    i cant beleve their are people hatein on goa and thai land and other wxotic
    party locations, lol look if you wanna smoke your fucking crack pipe then
    smoke your crack pipe down some back alley down london. yes these partys
    have drugs but its not all about drugs some people just go because its

  8. davebrom10

    @jimbob202019 People arn’t hating on Goa and Thailand, unfortunetly us
    lovely westerners have fucked these places up and these parties now suck
    donkey balls. Its not the drugs, i love drugs, its the people u get there
    and the locals now see the ferangs as a walking wallet they can rape at
    every oppertunity. Koh samet and phi phi islands full moon parties are much
    much better. Unfortunetly is time to find some completly new exotic
    paradises to party on, make western and screw up

  9. Eatmybologna

    @mikesomething lol someones too busy uploading videos of cats walking
    around in gardens. scoooree!!!

  10. vergauwekenp

    Damn that music sucks !!! I vote for REAL trance music !!! And Goa !!! Do
    D-Note and Shed my skin !!!

  11. That Guy From London

    @DipKingalot thats a ladyboy man!!

  12. Ivan Wuddhisukhum

    @Collllateral Yeah enjoy people visiting, piss all over the place,
    littering everything and acting like total retards. yeah please come again,
    fuck off plz

  13. lasttrojanhero

    total COMMODOFICATION. you fxxxed up Ibiza, you fxxxed Malaga and many more
    and now Thailand. Thais are people of rich cultures, humble, courteous and
    respectable people. But you the tourist use the power of money to buy
    anything on planet earth and destroy it. moon festival signifies something
    else and not this!!!

  14. Yves5701

    In a fantastic way, prompt what song sounds “infected mushroom”?

  15. ScouseGreggo

    I went in 2010 place is a cesspit….Thieving bastards the locals are an im
    a scouser so must be bad haha…..1 girl in our group had her bag slashed
    with razor an belongings taken most of us had the sense to keep money well
    away. Apart from what you need for the night….in the morning there must
    have been at least 200 wallets washed up on the beach i shit you not!
    …from where people had been dipped and wallets threw away at sea….there
    was at least 2 people i seen virtually dead kicked to


    i got robbed by some israelis there they are the dodgiest people on the

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